Tigers, Friends Need New Fridge

Posted July 2, 2007

— An exotic animal sanctuary is seeking help to pay for a new cooler to store meats and fruits for its denizens.

The 20-year-old compressor for the Carnivore Preservation Trust's walk-in cooler went kaput last week, forcing staffers at the nonprofit to begin storing bananas, raw chicken and other foods in their household refrigerators, animal curator Kathryn Bertok said.

"We lost a lot of fruit every day because we don't have enough space to keep it cool," Bertok said. "The quantities (of food) we're dealing with are huge."

The CPT has 85 animals on its 32-acre compound on Hank's Chapel Road south of Pittsboro, from tigers to kinkajous, a tropical cousin of the raccoon, to a binturong, a Southeast Asia bearcat.

A new cooler for the food costs $14,000, and more money is donated daily, Bertok said. But more money is needed so the CPT can properly store the animals' food, she said.

"We have donations coming in. We have reached at least the halfway mark," she said.

Anyone wishing to donate can call the CPT at 919-542-4684.


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  • nc33 Jul 3, 2007

    Gee, I didn't realize I'd ruffle so many feathers! I was simply reciting what I've learned in my graduate level classes in linguistics from phd's in the field and from private research. So, it really wasn't a narrow definition at all. It would take me a couple hours to lecture on slang and its origins, and the information doesn't come from wikipedia! lol

  • mr_natural Jul 3, 2007

    Olive D is right. Better writing would make this a better site.

    And slang is defined as: an informal nonstandard vocabulary composed typically of coinages, arbitrarily changed words, and extravagant, forced, or facetious figures of speech.

    So you don't care about English, but you insist upon one narrow definition of slang. Well done. Workin' both sides of the street.

  • olivedrabby Jul 3, 2007

    So the choices are left wing drivel or illiterate non-standard English. Let me propose a third alternative - interesting prose, well written, then edited by someone with some wit and style. Sure, this is just a local tv website, but look at opportunity - there could be real, interesting writing on here. It _could_ happen. Giving up won't get it done.

  • nc33 Jul 3, 2007

    Slang only applies to words that at one time dealt with sex, religion, authority, or drugs. Slang does not equal abbreviations or nicknames or word shortenings. And it's not wrong. It may not be the best word choices for literate English, but it is still English. Who cares as long as you get the point across?

  • ncbookseller Jul 3, 2007

    I think they talk right good!

  • sniper Jul 2, 2007

    Some of you people have too much time on your hands.. If you want boring and bland presentations of the news... Listen to NPR.

  • olivedrabby Jul 2, 2007

    So, they can read, just cannot write. Why "kaput" and not "tango uniform"? Or "dead right there"? Or "taking a dirt nap"? "Gone to meet Elvis"? "Piked for dusties"? Come on - someone there can write English.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jul 2, 2007

    Hey Folks,

    Someone is listening. It was changed a few minutes ago. Give them credit for watching these Posts.

  • olivedrabby Jul 2, 2007

    Their "frig" went "kaput". Does anyone at WRAL speak read or write standard English? If so, please use them to replace these slang slingers. Your poor writing makes the stories you report suspect.

  • computer trainer Jul 2, 2007

    I think they meant Fridge. A lot of people spell it that way, of course it is WRONG!

    They should contact someone like Lowe's, Home Depot, or a Big BOX. I am sure that one of them could use a tax deduction. And what a wonderful thing to do.