Teen Charged With Killing Turtle

Posted April 30, 2007

— Police have charged a 17-year-old with felony animal cruelty in connection with the mutilation killing of a turtle.

Clifford Harris used a machete to torture and kill the 30-pound turtle, police said. The dead animal was discovered in the breezeway of the apartment complex where Harris lives.


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  • Wakenative May 1, 2007

    After reviewing more comments. My point about waiting for a 30lb turtle vs finding something else. Go out in the woods and see how many 30lb turtles you can find. You don't just happen to have the ability to go pick one up in the woods like you would a stick or flower, he probably just found the thing and figured he would pull it out and show-off. I'm not defending the kids actions, I'm saying I feel a felony count of animal cruelty may be an overreaction. If this were someone who was showing tendencies toward becoming a "serial killer" he probably would have been killing animals earlier and more often, not just when he happened to come across a 30 lb. turtle.

  • Wakenative May 1, 2007

    There's alot of "coulds" in many of your arguements. The "thought police" seem to be kicking in to high gear over the death of a turtle so to condemn this kid as a serial killer. Just a thought, serial killers also showed an unnatural obsession as children too.

  • thegreatsilly1 Apr 30, 2007

    they should make turtle soup out of this loser

  • ladyblue Apr 30, 2007

    kj Back up "the turtle was in the wrong place at the wrong time". According to the N&O the kid went into the woods where the turtle LIVES. If this had been a kid walking with others and saw the turtle, thinking it to harm them, he cut it's neck off, we'd not be reading this story. He went and got the turtle. Toted it to his complex. Had the other kids watch as he constantly chopped on this turtle.It took a lot of determination to carry 30 lbs that far and then whack on it. The turtle shell has nerves where it connects to body and it hurts to damage it.His actions needs reprimanding. Maybe not a felony but he needs to work in an animal shelter a while and see helpless animals whom have been abandoned.He needs to tell if he felt good when hurting the turtle or what was he thinking. That's the key to the story. Is he a candidate for moving from animals to people?

  • gcfarms Apr 30, 2007

    Why is this news? I cannot believe that we are wasting tax payers money on such pettiness. Lets go after real criminals. This is ridiculous. Yes he is wacked but so what.

  • Lit Apr 30, 2007


    That's why I think they should give him a psych exam to make sure his cogs are spinning the right way 'upstairs'. If he needs counseling/therapy/mental treatment then fine. Otherwise, throwing this guy in jail for killing a turtle is unfair. If we scrutinize and penalize every single "weird" thing that people do, this country would turn into a police state...but I can see by the comments on this forum that we're well on our way.

  • kdc Apr 30, 2007

    do you not understand that its about this guy putting a knife in his hand and continuing to cut this innocent creature to death.i realize the length of time in his life it might cost him.but it could cost others more if he gets charged with less.

  • Pandoras Box Apr 30, 2007

    kj4xyron - Are you kidding me????!!!!! Natural tendency???? I guess it was a natural tendency to spray paint the car first also???

    Police arrested Clifford Brandon Harris, 17, of 1116 Westshore Court in Morrisville and charged him with animal cruelty and spray painting a neighbor's Toyota Camry. From the N&O

    Even if there was a "natural tendency" this is where people need to wake up. Tourturing an animal (I'm sorry cutting it up with a machete) is horrible. Further at 17 he should know better. I could see a younger person doing something so stupid, but a 17 year old - give me a break.

  • Roadmeat Apr 30, 2007

    This would be the guy you don't want ending up at the same college as your child. I'm sorry but there is nothing normal about this, its cruel and wrong.

  • King Solomon Apr 30, 2007

    How many of you in your infinite wisdom didn't do a really stupid thing when you were in your teens. I am not making excuses for the young man but to ruin his whole life with a felony charge for this is proposterous. This is a wild animal not a pet or a person. What if it had been a snake? Would everyone be in such an uproar then?