Mild winter means worse flea season ahead

Posted February 16, 2012

— North Carolina could soon see a boost in annoying pests, especially fleas. The mild winter did not pack enough cold weather to kill off parts of the flea population. Pest companies across the state say they are getting ready for an earlier flea season.

Experts say fleas can infest homes, even if the homeowners don’t have pets. Other small animals can bring them into the yard and bring them in on people’s clothes. Once they're in the house, it doesn't take long to have a big problem.

“If my dog brings fleas into my house today, in two weeks I can have thousands of fleas in my house,” said veterinarian Dr. Joe Gordon, with Care First Animal Hospital in Raleigh.

dog Mild winter means worse flea season

Gordon says veterinarians have safe, effective choices to treat fleas on pets. Once fleas are in the house, he says it's time to vacuum.

Gordon also says pet owners should check with their veterinarian before starting any flea-control treatment.


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