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Duke Raleigh Hospital expands cancer center

Posted July 26, 2010

— An expanded cancer center at Duke Raleigh Hospital is helping more patients avoid long rides and long waits for treatment.

The newly expanded center at the hospital on Wake Forest Road in Raleigh has all cancer services under one roof.

“For 95 to 98 percent of what we see everyday, the convenience and expertise we have here will equal what will be seen in Durham,” said Dr. Michael Spiritos, the cancer center’s medical director.

Spiritos said the new infusion facility takes advantage of natural outdoor space, making for a peaceful environment for a sometimes stressful experience in the cancer center.

Duke Raleigh expands cancer center Duke Raleigh expands cancer center

Debbie Schoeffield, of Raleigh, gets regular treatments at the center to keep her cancer in remission. She said the center has a very warm feeling.

“It’s much more comfortable. It’s pleasant to look out at the beautiful garden,” she said.

That comfort level, Schoeffield said, makes a huge difference.

“I don't want to feel like a patient, so I'm not sitting in an environment that makes me feel like I'm a cancer patient,” she said.

Duke Raleigh Hospital opened its cancer treatment center in 2004 and opened the expanded facility this month.


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  • CestLaVie Jul 28, 2010

    There would be no need for expanded or even many cancer centers if millions upon millions of people would change their diet to eliminate meat, dairy, seafood, SUGAR, processed foods and exercise at least 30 mins daily. This is a SIMPLE answer. If one is consuming this junk, the body gets absolutely NO nutrition, so how can it fight disease when it happens? It will & does happen because of the junk. Americans are addicted to this garbage. The food, medical & pharma industries LOVE the stupidity of most Americans; they're laughing all the way to the many banks they have to deposit their billions of dollars in. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time. Americans still don't get it. I have little sympathy. Sorry.

  • tritech Jul 27, 2010

    Duke Cancer centers are a joke.Sure they look nice. They're only looking for easy patients and not willing to take on a challenge. They turned my mother away and said it was time for her to go home and arrange hospice care, and basically wait to die.

    M.D Anderson in Houston is THE PLACE to go for cancer treatment.