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Latest exercise craze involves 'a little pain and misery'

Posted July 2, 2010

— The latest exercise craze isn’t in an air-conditioned gym with soft floor mats. More people want a tougher challenge with military-style discipline and are turning to boot camps.

Former military fitness trainers Matt Parrish and Andrea Logan are the drill sergeants at Corporal Punishment Boot Camp in Cary.

“You're going to experience a little pain and misery out here,” Parrish said.

Logan, who says she’s “the nice one” and Parrish is “the evil one,” pushes the boot campers by getting in their faces “kinda like old school.”

Camp member Mary Anne Lutz said the different style of exercise keeps her from getting into “the same old rut” of boring exercise routines.

Boot campers flip tires, drag weights by chains and use cinder blocks, sandbags and sledgehammers in their workouts.

Boot camp offers intense training Boot camp offers intense training

When the campers feel like complaining, they look over at 73-year-old Sue Pfuetze, a grandmother and retired nurse who runs marathons and is a boot camp regular.

“I love working out. I just love being active … I can't beat ya, but I can outlast ya,” Pfuetze said, laughing. “(It) builds endurance, builds total body.”

She does boot camp three days a week, runs on her own, does other daily exercise routines and says she has never had any health problems.

For Pfuetze, the cinder blocks and other weights are a bit smaller. The program accommodates different levels of ability and strength.

“You're reaching goals, and you'll see changes quicker,” Logan said.

The gain comes with a little pain, “but at the end of the workout, you're going to feel good about yourself,” Parrish said.


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  • p007t Jul 9, 2010

    Looks tough! Looking at the vid, I'd suggest a little more back support.

  • buster b Jul 9, 2010

    Triangle Adventure Bootcamp runs classes at 5:30am in Raleigh and Cary so that those that have jobs can get their bootcamp workout in but still get home in time to get the kids to school and/or get to work. Check them out at Jennifer and Sam are awesome coaches!

  • Jonny 2nuts Jul 7, 2010

    There are other programs out there like crossfit that are at more reasonable hours than 9:30 during the work week.

  • tarheel4life Jul 7, 2010

    Here's contact info for the "drill sergeants"

  • Kelondris Jul 6, 2010

    Yeah, I'm at work at 9:30am, there is no way I could participate.

  • colliedave Jul 6, 2010

    heard a GEICO radio spot that featured a DI turned counselor.

  • Garnerwolf1 Jul 6, 2010

    So you can only participate if you don't have a job?!

  • jkca Jul 5, 2010

    A few years back when I lived where there was a YMCA, I took a boot camp class at the YMCA led by 2 former marine sgts. It was the real deal. No tire dragging, just pure unadulterated military style excercising using just your body. Pushups, sit ups and other torturous ab excerciss, mountain climbers, sprints, crabwalking, low crawls, plyometrics and much more. It was the best workout I've ever done and the physical and mental results were phenomenal. If you've never done a bootcamp, you really should give it a try. Wish there were classes in Moore Co.! For now, I'll keep doing my p90X. :)

  • lesliecusana Jul 5, 2010

    We meet in the Cary area M/W/F at 9:30. For more information email me at

  • slayerhil Jul 2, 2010

    Hmm, sounds interesting but there is no contact info for this business/program.