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Study: Vaccines don't harm brain development

Posted May 28, 2010

Many parents are spacing out their children's vaccines for fear that too many might harm brain development, but a new study finds that the traditional shot schedule is best.

Santa Jones echoed their fears, saying she felt "horrible" and "scared" about her daughter Myesha getting her first vaccine shots at 4 days old.

Study: Vaccines don't harm brain development Study: Vaccines don't harm brain development

However, researchers say the new study shows there is no reason to worry that vaccines could harm brain development.

"In fact, receiving immunizations probably has the opposite effect. It probably helps your development," said Dr. Kenneth Gottesman, with St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York.

(Recommended vaccine schedules from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control)

The study followed more than 1,000 children who received vaccines. Researchers tested them several years later and found that those who received timely shots fared better on tests for language, memory and intellect.

Vaccine critics have also put forth persistent claims of a link between autism and vaccines, but numerous studies have not shown a connection.

Doctors say that delaying vaccines puts children at risk for disease.

"Pneumonia, polio, tetanus. These are all potentially very serious diseases," Goettesman said.

Jones said getting vaccines has assured her that her child will get some protection from life-threatening illnesses.


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  • HowManyOunces Jun 3, 2010

    While I know that vaccines are almost always safe, there are instances where they are not. My son received several vaccines at his 2 week appointment. The next day, he was running a fever of 104.5 degrees. We took him to the ER and he was admitted into the PICU for 10 days. He started having seizures and the results of his MRI showed a brain injury from global hypoxia. I can't be sure that the vaccines caused it, but it was very coincidental. I continue to have him vaccinated, but I am very cautious and observant after each time.

    Vaccines are important, but I also believe its important for the child's immune system to be able to handle the overload.

  • myz123 Jun 2, 2010

    I guess I am one of the ones that have lived it and have learned that alot of the "medical field" does not care about much more than the $$. (See I said alot not all) I KNOW children that have been fine UNTIL they got their shots. A good friend of mine, her son was developing normally then they went to the dr for shots and that night he developed a high fever and within a day had his first seizure, he is now 10 and diagnosed with ASD. This is NOT the ONLY story just like this one. I am not going to say the vaccine CAUSED the ASD but I truly believe that these children have some underlying immune problem (dr do not check for any of these types of problems before shots and some even give them when the child is sick, if they are due). If the child or anyone has a low immune system to start with and then are given live viruses, heavy metals, toxins, preservatives and who really knows what else what do YOU think is going to happen. Every system in your body is connected and if you really lo

  • azinfandgal Jun 1, 2010

    sorry prozacdispenser - just speculation on your part. Show me some data or other PROOF! Too many folks on this board already work for drug companies and willingly give children vaccines for me to believe that.

    Did it ever occur to you that perhaps the criteria for diagnosing autism has changed? In any case, let's find the real cause of autism with cold hard data to back it up.

  • spinnerdunn May 31, 2010

    Yet another study showing no link between vaccines and autism... how many more do we need? For those interested, I saw a great talk titled, The Science of Denial given by Michael Specter:

    really interesting...

  • LuvLivingInCary May 31, 2010

    sugas, it's all a coverup by the drug companies to avoid billions of payout dollars. meanwhile children continue to be diagnosised with autism by the droves...

    maybe you should be vocal about that and proud your child is one the 149 out of 150 that is not diagnosed with autism.

  • lwilhelm1 May 28, 2010

    Keep the good news about vaccines coming. The anti-vaccine crowd is still very vocal even though the doctor who started the whole scare, Andrew Wakefield, has been thoroughly discredited.

    Sadly, much money has been spent funding unnecessary research to prove that already safe vaccines are still safe. That money could have been spent on research into causes of and treatments for disorders like autism.

    Proudly, my child and I are fully vaccinated.

  • lwilhelm1 May 28, 2010

    I am so glad to hear this story. Keep it coming. The anti-vaccine crowd is still loud even though the doctor who started the scare, Andrew Wakefield, has been thoroughly discredited.

    Sadly, much money has been spent funding research in attempts to show vaccines are still safe--they already were. That money could have been spent finding real causes and treatments for brain disorders like autism.