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Health officials: Threat of flu has not passed

Posted January 11, 2010

While cases of H1N1 are on the decline, health officials continue to push for people to get vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has designated Jan. 10 to 16 National Influenza Vaccination Week in an effort to remind the public of the dangers that persist as the peak of flu season arrives.

The CDC reported Friday that there are no signs of seasonal flu right now, only the H1N1, or swine, variety.

Only one state – Alabama – was reporting widespread cases of H1N1 last week. But CDC officials noted there is still more flu around than normally seen at this time of year, and illnesses could increase as students return to school after the holiday break.

Four states had widespread cases the previous week. The number has been dropping since late October, when nearly all states had widespread flu reports. To date, 79 people have died in North Carolina of H1N1 complications.

With reported cases down and an ample supply of vaccine, local authorities say now is an ideal time to get your vaccine.

Barb Bisset, of Wake County Emergency Medical Services, pointed out that most experts expect a third wave of H1N1 cases as the winter wears on.

"We need to be aware of a third wave coming," she said. "So we do have a good opportunity to get everyone vaccinated here in Wake County."

"It only takes eight days to two weeks to develop immunity from the time you get your vaccine, so this is the ideal time," said North Carolina State Epidemiologist Megan Davies.

"Go now. There's plenty of vaccine. There shouldn't be long lines."

Wake and Johnston counties have clinics scheduled with free vaccine available every day this week. Durham has them every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. For flu clinic schedules and contact information for your county health department, click here.


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  • finder74698 Jan 11, 2010

    "those don't kick in for a decade!"

    I've been getting them for a decade so I guess I'm in serious trouble. What will happen to all the healthcare workers that receive them? What are the symptoms I should be watching for and is there a link that supports the claim? If so, I'll read it with an open mind. Let me guess...its a cover up, right?

  • time4real Jan 11, 2010

    "I can report no ill effects from H1N1 shot nor my seasonal flu shot."

    those don't kick in for a decade!

  • spunkyj Jan 11, 2010

    When the H1N1 vaccines first came available there were just a few people could revieve them. Now that there are an over abundance of the vaccines they are begging people to get them. At first it seems to me that most of us did not qualify for the vaccines, but now we do. It seems to me that when the vaccines were available, but only to the chosen few they did not care about us, not they do for some reason. I guess so that the vaccines will not go bad and the goverment does not waste money.

  • TriangleMommy Jan 11, 2010

    ohh no the Flu isn't staying in the headlines like "they" wanted it to. better generate some new stories and create some more hysteria. Even though the seasonal flu isn't showing itself strongly, all the sheep need to run out and get their shots anyhow. Ohh - and H1N1 may be dying out - but we still have to get our shot for that too.


    Nope didn't by the Media hype to begin with and I won't by any hype the dredge up now.

  • atac001 Jan 11, 2010

    watch the puppets all line up.. . population control!

  • Dolphan Jan 11, 2010

    Translation: We really hyped this thing up, so we need to keep the public in a panic.

    I doubt the manufacture/distribution of the vaccine is free. So it's more like please come and get a shot since we over produced it and spent lots of money on it.

  • colliedave Jan 11, 2010

    more from "Rules for Radicals": create unrest abd keep the public in a panic so they will depend on government as its sole salvation.

  • finder74698 Jan 11, 2010

    I can report no ill effects from H1N1 shot nor my seasonal flu shot. I've gotten the seasonal flu shots for years so why should I be more fearful of the same process of in producing the H1N1 vaccine? Thankfully, we all have a choice in the matter, but rather than have a virus running rampant in my body, I'd personally rather have a vaccine. Furthermore, I've heard of at least a half dozen folks contracting the H1N1 virus and remember the poor young lady from Chapel Hill that died from its complications.

  • freedomrings Jan 11, 2010

    I'm pregnant and will not get the shot. Several of my pregnant friends got the shot while in their third trimester and all of them went into pre-term labor. None of them had ever had pre-term labor with their other children.

  • thewayitis Jan 11, 2010

    Yes, let's rile up the masses so that there is a panic!