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Prom-bound students get 'shaken up' about drunk driving

Posted May 8, 2009

— Prom is over. Later that night, a passing motorist calls 911 to report a crash.

“There’s been a really bad accident at the corner here in front of Cary High School,” the caller says.

A teen who chose to drink and drive is walking near the crash. A friend, who was thrown from the car, does not survive.

Prom-bound students get 'shaken up' about drunk driving Prom students get lesson in driving drunk

The victims are actors. The blood is only makeup. EMS, police and fire fighters respond as they would for the real thing. A video of the made up crash scene is shown to real Cary High School students in preparation for their prom Friday night.

“We want to make it as realistic as possible so that the kids really get a true understanding of the consequences of driving while (under the influence),” said teacher Lynn Smith.

Emergency medical responders helped deliver the powerful message to students about the potential results of driving drunk.

Jessie Woodard said she had to remind herself that it was all pretend.

“I'm so shaken up right now, because it was so, like, it felt so real. It was impacting,” she said.

School officials said they hope the drama will prevent real deaths and injuries.


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  • brewmonkey May 12, 2009

    wral, how long is this article going to be on the front page? is there no actual news you can report? isn't there some swine flu-like pot to be stirring to panic people? good lord, 5 days is enough...

  • JustOneGodLessThanU May 12, 2009

    Very cool. :-) It's good to do this sort of thing and probably helped a lot.

    But, let's not forget that smoking will kill many more of these students.

  • davido May 12, 2009

    Sounds like some good work! I remember the accident movies we used to watch in driver's ed. "back in my day". This sounds much more effective.