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Hundreds of students still without shots

Posted September 22, 2008
Updated September 23, 2008

— More than 1,000 Wake County students could be suspended from school Wednesday if they don't get the required vaccination today.

Clinics were planned Tuesday in 17 of 20 traditional-schedule middle schools in the county to help sixth graders beat the deadline.

A state law that went into effect in January requires that sixth graders provide immunization records showing that they have had the Tdap booster within 30 days of the start of school, or face suspension. The suspension is not a disciplinary measure.

Appointments with doctors can be arranged through Wake County Human Services at 919-212-7000.

The deadline for students in Wake, Durham, Johnston and Cumberland counties is Tuesday; the deadline for those in Lee County is Wednesday.

As of Tuesday morning, almost 1,500 students in Wake County had not had the shot, school records showed. In Durham County, 400 students needed the vaccination. More than 400 students each in Johnston and Cumberland counties still needed to be vaccinated.

Lee school officials sent warning letters to parents last week after records showed that 150 students still had not had the booster.

The immunization requirement changes reflect the growing threat of whopping cough, Mary Owens, supervisor of nursing for the Lee County schools said. Most children have not had a booster shot for that disease since kindergarten.

After several outbreaks in North Carolina schools last year, health experts realized that the standard, 10-year vaccine does not do enough.


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  • gvmntcheese Sep 23, 2008

    haggish basher
    The math is there for people uneducated about what their leaders are subjecting their children to without question. That is the true child abuse...

  • tobis19341 Sep 23, 2008

    here's an idea. let's put all these new age hippie parents with menopause babies and peanut allergy and "adhd" kids that are not vaccinated on an island and let nature take it's course. vaccines are the safest and most effective prevention we have against disease. they DO NOT cause austism and many have been around for years. and to onpointe, exactly which vaccine uses cell lines of aborted human fetuses??? none that i know of.

  • haggis basher Sep 23, 2008

    "Some of the vaccines have been linked to causing autism and other diseases."

    There is no scientific evidence that there is any link between Vaccinations and Autism and even if there was it would still be so tiny that it bears no relevence on the decision to vaccinate or not. If we do not vaccinate the vast majority of kids many of them will die. Its as simple as that.
    You can not vaccinate your kids and you might get lucky but is it appropriate to play a lottery with your childs life? Go walk around a few grave yards and you can see the horrors of the past.....With perhaps only one exception (small pox)and then even only perhaps, all those killers are still out there waiting for their chance.

  • haggis basher Sep 23, 2008

    "If your kids have been vaccinated, you have no worries....right???"

    Ok if I don't molest my children then I shouldn't care if others do....Duh!

  • mfalesana Sep 23, 2008

    Yes some parents are just lazy but there are plenty of good reasons not to pump your children full of mercury and other toxic heavy metals. Some of the vaccines have been linked to causing autism and other diseases. Maybe the parents should read up instead of just accepting that it's what you have to do. Just like taxes.People are so quick to accept that you pay them only because "you have to" and don't bother looking into where that money goes or questioning the legality of taxing our income.

    People just need to wake up a little bit and realize there is more of a reason why so many vaccines are pumped into our children than "because it's good for them" or "because thats the law" and realize there are drug companies that are making huge profits from all the drugs we and our children are bombarded with.

  • haggis basher Sep 23, 2008

    "People must be driven either by utter selfishness or pure stupidity to keep their child from being immunized."

    I suspect the latter......They don't hear about these illnesses anymore so they don't realise that they are still very real. If the womens and gossip magazines had pictures of dead children very week they would be screaming about how to get their child it is now they only hear abour the tiny proportion of cases where a vaccination may have caused problems or jump to blame them for any coincidental malady that afflicts their child. Its down to just a simple ignorance of the past and of basic math.

  • haggis basher Sep 23, 2008

    "There are ethical concerns about some of the vaccines for some people, like the ones made from cell lines from aborted human fetuses."
    You have references to back that statement up? Pretty sure that does not apply to any of the usual vaccines. Even if true, a live child or adult is a little higher up my ethical list of worries than an aborted bunch of cells. Many vaccinations actually prevent spontaneous abortion (german measles IIRC) so your sqeamishness would actually increase abortions not decease them (the baby probably doesn't care much whether its man or nature (God?) that kills it.

  • us-citizen3 Sep 23, 2008

    Just advertise that they are "free" you will see certain people lining up to get the even if they don't need them. Free attracts certain groups even if they are unwanted

  • somey Sep 23, 2008

    If your kids have been vaccinated, you have no worries....right??? So why make parents shoot these chemicals into our children. Please read up on the Pro’s and Con’s of vaccinations before you make judgment either way. But see how many babies have seizures after a vaccination, and then the doctor will says…” This baby was pre-disposed to Seizures…” Sure it was doc, but it was a baby, so how are we to know.
    We all know the pharmaceutical companies have only the best interest of our kids in mind....if you believe this please send me a check for $5K and I will send you the deed for the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • innocent bystander Sep 23, 2008

    This is amazing. Vaccination is the greatest public health achievement in the past 100 years. It has resulted in the elimination of smallpox and polio in the US, and has substantially reduced morbidity and mortality from many other preventable diseases such as measles, rubella, diphtheria, Haemophilus influenza and others. People must be driven either by utter selfishness or pure stupidity to keep their child from being immunized.