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Sweet 'Miracle Berry' makes healthy food tasty

Posted August 25, 2008

In the midst of the country's obesity epidemic, a little berry might hold the key to getting people to eat healthier.

Some people are obese partly because they don't eat enough fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The reason, they say, is those foods just don't taste good.

The Miracle Berry, however, makes everything else you eat taste sweeter.

"It's just a new experience in eating for your taste buds," said Curtis Mozie, the only major U.S. grower of the Miracle Berry.

For two hours after eating a Miracle Berry, cheese tastes like cheesecake; grapefruit and lemons taste as sweet as candy.

The secret lies in the pulp of the berry, officially named Synsepalum dulcificum and native to west Africa. The pulp contains proteins that coat the taste buds and react to acids.

Children reluctant to eat their vegetables said that after eating a Miracle Berry, their broccoli "tasted more sugary and was sweeter."

Scientists are studying the berry and hope that one day, the fruit can be used on a wide scale to help people eat healthier.

However, developing those products will take some time. The Miracle Berry is only available through special order and sells for more than $2 a piece.

The Miracle Berry is also known as the Magic Berry or Flavor Berry.

An attempt was made in the 1970s to commercialize the fruit. But, the running theory goes, the sugar industry sabotaged the move.


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  • wg Sep 2, 2008

    i just tried this stuff recently. i got it in the tablet form but the effects were the same as described. you can also order the raw berry but it is more expensive. check out miracle fruit express

  • OSX Aug 27, 2008

    davidgnews... I think your absolutely right. If somebody made an new engine that would double gas MPG, the oil companies would buy it for 200 million and put it on a shelf. 200 million isn't that much to protect 11.1 billion in profits for ONE quarter.

  • Shadow213 Aug 27, 2008

    ok, cheese into cheesecake and sweet lemons. but sweet broccoli...that sounds so gross! healthy food does taste good-- it's just that people become addicted to junk food. this will only mask the problem. it won't "cure" obesity by actually taming one's addictions to junk food.

  • Anne N Aug 27, 2008

    yeah right.

  • Student Nurse Aug 26, 2008

    The headline is what kills me - "...makes healthy food tasty" Healthy food already IS tasty!

  • JohnnyMalaria Aug 26, 2008

    Makes everything taste sweeter?


    I find a lot of food too sickly especially bread. It's nearly impossible to find real bread - you know, flour, water, yeast and salt. Perhaps a teaspoon of sugar to get the yeast going. The bread aisles in grocery stores smell horrible. Honey, molasses, cane juice, corn syrup. Ugh.

    Sadly, sugar is added to foods to hide the fact that the ingredients are of poor quality.

    Give me a glass of pure cranberry juice any day (not the cocktail rubbish).

  • CestLaVie Aug 26, 2008

    I wouldn't be surprised if that happened either. Food, healthcare, insurance, legal, oil, and auto industries ALL want to maintain their market shares and will DO anything they can to uplift themselves & put down anything that's threatening to their status quo.

  • davidgnews Aug 26, 2008

    An attempt was made in the 1970s to commercialize the fruit. But, the running theory goes, the sugar industry sabotaged the move.

    Yes, more lobbyists in action. What a country!