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Duke Debuts Stress-Free Medicine Center

Posted November 29, 2007

— It's estimated that up to 90 percent of physicians visits are related in some way to stress.

Stress affects people’s heart rates, and it can raise blood pressure and increase pain. Just going to the doctor's office or hospital clinic can be stressful.

But Duke has a new Integrative Medicine Center that equips people with the tools to conquer stress and pain.

It’s a medical office building unlike any other in the country. The waiting room has a water wall and stone pond, and treatment rooms are equipped with soft lighting.

Executive Director Dr. Tracy Gaudet says it was a rare opportunity to match design with a concept. The space is about health and healing as opposed to the treatment of disease alone, she said.

John Munce discovered the center when he learned he had cancer at the base of his tongue. He had surgery to remove malignant lymph nodes on his neck. Then, he was preparing for six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation.

“For me, once they tell you that you've got cancer, you get open to all sorts of things,” Munce said.

He opened up to acupuncture, massage, hypnosis and meditation.

Munce said he wanted to reduce the stress of fighting cancer and the pain or discomfort of treatments. New research shows acupuncture can reduce the effects of anesthesia or the amount needed during surgery.

“Acupuncture also has been shown to be effective in reducing the effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting,” Gaudet said.

Munce’s surgery left him with nerve damage to his shoulder.

“The acupuncture was almost magical in the way it relieved the pain and allowed me to move. In conjunction with the massage, it was dramatic,” Munce said.

Unlike trips to most doctors’ offices, Munce said he actually looks forward to visiting Duke’s Integrative Medicine Center.

“My wife says it’s like a spa,” he said.

The center is primarily for healthy people who just want to optimize their health. It's for people who are about to go through surgery or rigorous treatments.

The center prefers to work with people before they face illness or disease so they can learn some tools that may help in prevention.


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  • NCMOMof3 Nov 30, 2007

    what stresses me is having a 1 pm appointment and being told to arrive 30 minutes prior but not being seen by the doctor until after 2 pm, the doctor rushes into the room, speaks to me for about 45 seconds, then rushes out while throwing me a prescription and ordering a bunch of tests and telling me to return. Then I receive a bill of, oh, at least $85.00!!! No matter that I had to take time off of work to even get to the doctor. That's stress

  • itsnews2me Nov 30, 2007

    My, how Holistic Medicine of them. Its funny how AMA docs show contempt for age-old healing processes until insurance will pay for pay them to include it in their services. Then, all of a sudden, its "through application of our extensive AMA-sanctioned knowledge of the human body and health care we've determined these practices can alleviate stress and prove beneficial to a person's health." Translation: "insurance companies will now pay us to do this."

  • grant Nov 30, 2007

    I mean quit, obviously they didnt steal all my pain meds.

  • grant Nov 30, 2007

    Good, do it at the university hospital so the nurses quick stealing the pt.s pain meds.

  • Nov 29, 2007

    This is wonderful. Now the only two stressors (?) are the $345 fee for an 8-minute routine visit and the fact that the Water Wall has used elevator fluid in it---no drinking, please.

    But it is relaxing to think about.....

  • weasleyes Nov 29, 2007

    Staying completely away from doctors greatly eases my stress. When you can have a physical without fear (the doctor publicy advertises that he/she can cure ANYTHING, even cancer,) then I will see one again! Until then, they are just quacks who want money, deliver only bad news, and want to take command of what you eat, drink ..... your total life! Talk about stress! Like preachers, they make their living by using fear tactics! Stop using this, and I will start using them! Yes, I will die when my time comes, and God determines this.