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Follicle Transplant Can Restore Eyebrow Hair Loss

Posted May 18, 2007
Updated May 19, 2007

Michelle Innocenti is getting a second hair transplant -- not for her head, but on her eyebrows.

“When I was in my 20's, I had very thick eyebrows," she said. "But way back then, thin eyebrows were in, so I used to pluck them a lot to get the thin shape.”

When Innocenti wanted thicker brows again, she found the hair had stopped growing.

Dermatologist Dr. Ken Washenik says continuous plucking damages the hair follicle.

“Essentially, no useable growth comes from that follicle,” he said.

A follicle is basically the tissue beneath the skin that allows new hair to grow. When an area is damaged, whether from plucking or a scar, that tissue has to be replaced with a transplant.

Innocenti had her first transplant last year. A second transplant will add to the thickness.

“An eyebrow transplant is exactly the same as a hair transplant,” Washenik said.

First, the doctor takes a graft of healthy tissue from the back of the head and makes holes where where more hair is needed. Those holes are then filled in with the new tissue.

It takes a few months for new hair to grow, but it doesn't stop growing.

“So when you move it, it's just going to grow, thinking its still back,” Washenik said. “So, you have to continuously trim them.”

The eyebrow transplant process can cost from $3,000 to $5,000.


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  • Just WhiskeyKel May 20, 2007

    Well it's a stupid girl thing

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    Oh Yes, it's a girl thing:)

  • Just WhiskeyKel May 19, 2007

    Well I'm a woman and I don't get it.

  • lovin this livin May 19, 2007

    Its a girl thang!!!hahaha

  • Just WhiskeyKel May 18, 2007

    Why do women pluck their eyebrows???? No man has ever said "Look at her thin eyebrows! I must have her!!"

  • bagbag May 18, 2007

    I am familiar with eyebrow transplants. They work! Dr. Grant Koher has offices in Raleigh and HIgh Point (Phone, 1-866-drkoher; and is the most experienced hair restoration surgeon in the Carolinas. He gives free consults if you are interested. We are lucky to have him here in Raleigh.