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Duke Study: Some Foods Can Make Cigarettes Taste Bad

Posted April 19, 2007

—  A Duke University study shows smokers prefer certain foods, such as coffee, alcoholic beverages and many rich foods, with their cigarette habit.

But researchers found it is the food that make cigarettes taste bad that might help smokers turn away from it.

Dr. Joe McClernon, with Duke's Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Research Center, asked about 200 smokers about their food preferences.

"We had smokers telling us that dairy products made cigarettes taste worse, that non-alcoholic beverages, like water and juice -- and also that fruits and vegetables -- could worsen the taste of a cigarette," McClernon said.

McClernon also found people who smoked menthol cigarettes were less likely to say anything made cigarettes taste better or worse, meaning it might help even out the smoking experience, and make it less pleasurable.

"Anything that disrupts that can ultimately help a smoker quit," McClernon said.


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  • jmurach Apr 24, 2007

    Legalize pot

  • dark_magyar Apr 23, 2007

    Ugh, smoking is a nasty habit. I thought that smoking deadened your taste buds anyway.

  • LuvMyLife Apr 23, 2007

    I quit for 7 years and started back 2 years ago. Want to quit again and probably will when time is right.

  • Joshua Apr 23, 2007

    some cigarettes can make foods taste bad... idiots... all of you.

  • crunch Apr 23, 2007

    If the goverment cares about our health, they should make all the cigerattes sold in America nigitene free or outlaw cigs all together. Which kills more people or causes more people to be killed, cigs or alcohol. I've still smoking and have been for 41years, and takke a drink every now and then.

  • RUN1UPNYA Apr 23, 2007


  • Low Voltage Apr 22, 2007

    I quit in 1982, haven't had one since.

    If somebody wants to smoke, it doesen't matter what food or anything else tastes like!

  • seeingthru Apr 21, 2007

    I thinkk there is something to it last June I quit and changed my dietary habits for health reasons and since diet change high fibre low fat smoking is totally repulsive to me. i smoked for over 30 yrs, was afraid to quit because of weight gain sice i was alreaDY OVERWEIGHT but lost 40 lbs and continuing and the thought of smoking is repulsive to me now even the smell so yeah I would say there is a link--course no-ones perfect i still like a light beer/ glass of cabernet:))

  • 40andtired Apr 20, 2007

    fyi,you can get lung cancer without ever being a smoker.the segment was about food taste related to smoking, not whether smoking is a health risk. we all know that it's a bad habit.
    for those that think it is disgusting, noone asks you to light up.

  • spottswood Apr 20, 2007

    it only takes willpower, everyone has it, but only a very few will use it.