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New Plastic Surgery Procedures have Faster Recovery Time

Posted February 16, 2007

Andrea Falgoust, 46, wanted a face lift, but not with three weeks of painful recovery. So she recently went under the knife for a mini-lift.

Unlike full surgery, Dr. Scott Wells only worked on the lower half of Falgoust’s face and her eyelids, which meant fewer incisions.

“Allowing the patient to recover faster and achieve very good results with less surgery and less recuperation,” Wells said.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said the most popular procedures done for women are liposuction, breast implants and eyelid surgery.

“I was not going in to change physical features of myself. I was going to enhance what I had to take away the aging process,” Falgoust said.

For those who want to skip surgery altogether, there's an even faster way to get a new look -- a laser face-lift.>

“I didn't want to do anything aggressive and that required a lot of downtime because I have my own business,” Uliana Salerno, 52, said.

The Active FX laser delivers targeted energy into the skin. Patients are back on their feet in no time with a sunburned look for a few days. The laser heat produces collagen that tightens the skin.

“We can completely rejuvenate a patient in under a week and, more importantly, get them a very natural rejuvenation,” Wells said.

Salerno’s work cost $7,000, while Falgoust spent $11,000.

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  • kstor33 Feb 22, 2007

    You're right Chris...thanks for being a good sport. Didn't mean to give you a hard time, just a little ribbing in fun. I enjoy your posts.

  • Matthew 19_21 Feb 22, 2007

    kstor, I was just reiterating what the anti-gay crowd always whines about - "it's so unnatuuuuuurallllll." Of course, as you've pointed out, light bulbs are unnatural as well, and yet, people don't go to hell for using them. Air travel is also unnatural, but I see Christians on planes everyday. So, as you have pointed out, the fact that something is unnatural, does not mean that you're going to go to H-E double toothpicks.

    Have a blessed day

  • kstor33 Feb 22, 2007

    Chris Nelson...since you seem to know so much about eternal life, you do realize that the ONLY unforgivable sin is nonbelief in Jesus Christ? I doubt seriously if anyone getting a tummytuck has just bought a one-way ticket to he@#! Oh and one more thing...light bulbs are also unnatural. Save your soul and quit using them NOW!

  • Low Voltage Feb 21, 2007

    I read an article about people in LA having reconstructive foot surgery....having bones cut in half to shorten toes etc, ooohhhheee!!....I'm just going to have to age out.

  • Matthew 19_21 Feb 21, 2007

    plastic surgery is unnatural and therefore against God's will. At least that's what folks say about homosexuality, so I assume the same applies for plastic surgery. At least for Christians. If you're a "Christian" and you elect to have plastic surgery, it's as good as telling God that he is imperfect. Is plastic surgery worth sacrificing your eternal soul for?

  • StrickDaddy Feb 20, 2007

    Age is a privilege and we should all be happy with what we have been given. However, reconstruction following cancer procedures, or car crashes or a host of other unfortunate events could actually aide/assist in the overall healing process of the initial trauma. Insurance companies will only cover these types of options. I have been told recently that some insurance coverages will cover 20% of implant surgery. I found/find that totally surprising without the presence of a valid reason other than wanting larger mammary glands.

  • NCSpeedDiva Feb 20, 2007

    Nannypat - I do not believe that any insurance company would cover cosmetic surgery as it is elective and not medically necessary. However, if someone like Dragonmum had to have reconstruction after cancer (God bless you!) then they may. I guess it would depend on the situation.

  • Been there once Feb 20, 2007

    Save your pennies kids, this is what Mom wants for Christmas!!!

  • St Ives Feb 20, 2007

    As long as you don't look like Joan Rivers when it is all over, sounds great!

  • nannypat Feb 18, 2007

    To each his own. Can you buy medical insurance that would cover any of the expenses, does any one know?