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Study: Benefits of gastric bypass are lasting

Posted September 18, 2012

Gastric bypass surgery helped Jody Stubler lose 120 pounds.

"Losing this weight has helped me to gain tremendous confidence in myself and my own abilities," she said.

Along with the weight loss, Stubler has no more symptoms of type 2 diabetes, and her blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers studied the ongoing health benefits of a gastric bypass. They looked at more than 1,000 severely obese patients six years after the surgery.

"Almost 80 percent all of those patients who had gastric bypass surgery at six years had been able to maintain a very significant degree of weight loss," said Ted D. Adams of the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Researchers report every cardiovascular risk factor improved significantly –– or remained improved – in gastric bypass patients.

Hypertension, cholesterol levels and type 2 diabetes also decreased or were resolved in those who had the surgery.

Researchers say only 1 out of 1,100 patients in the study regained all the weight they had lost after surgery.

There is also a mental and social aspect to the procedure that should be a part of patient care.

"It's a very challenging and sometimes difficult road," Stubler said. "Mentally, physically and emotionally everything changes."

Stubler is back in school, enjoying quality time with her family. She says there's one other perk that comes with losing 120 pounds.

"I am so happy with the way I look, and I can go into any store and find clothes that fit," she said.


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  • esprg Sep 20, 2012

    I'm post op 5 yrs 7 months I've lost 190lbs and that includes another child w/in that 5yrs...unexpectedly, but loved just as much :) It was not difficult until after my 4th year; I noticed I gained back about 40 lbs, but since have lost the 40 and on my way to my desired goal of 200lbs even. I have 48lbs to go; I still have high blood pressure unfortunately, it has been chalked up to lower dosage meds, less meds, but doesn't look like it's going anywhere. Never had diabetes, but my back, knees, feel great. I don't have to do the pause first before I start walking when I stand ... I can walk up 10 flights of steps in 2 minutes, run w/my now 3 yr old walk the mess out of my 12 year old. It's great I wouldn't change it; just encourage those who are looking to do it be sure you are ready, because it not only changes you, it will change those around you as well. Sometimes good and sometimes bad you will find who your real friends are when you are NOT the literal elephant in the room.

  • Nanny113 Sep 19, 2012

    At the end of October I'll be 8 years post-op. I lost 123lbs and have gained about 20 back. Not too bad and I was a little too low any way. I got rid of my sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and knee problems plus I enjoy life so much more now that I am a normal weight for my height.

    Was it easy, no! It was one of the hardest things I ever did and I still struggle at times even though I know better and know how eating certain food affect me. This is not fail safe, you have to work at it to be succesful! I will say that that this was the best decision I could have ever made for myself and if I had to make the choice again I would definitely go for it!

  • mrschizzy Sep 19, 2012

    I am 1 year and 3 weeks post-op after gastric bypass and I've lost 125 pounds. I am at my goal weight and have a normal BMI for the first time since I can remember. Having the surgery does have it's own set of challenges, but if you use the support system in place (surgeon, psychologist, nutritionist, etc) and do what they say, you will do fine.

  • tracieb547 Sep 19, 2012

    Good job to her! I'm starting to go through the process as well. I am so glad everything went well for this patient. It's inspiring for those who are thinking about going through it all.