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Duke Cancer Center opens

Posted February 23, 2012

— Duke University Hospital combines exams, tests and treatment for cancer patients all under one roof with the ribbon-cutting Thursday at the new Duke Cancer Center.

The Duke Cancer Center represents an evolution in cancer care over 35 years, Duke Medical oncologist Dr. Joseph Moore said. The center includes 28 examining rooms, 78 treatment rooms, 73 infusion stations and three new linear accelerators. Under one roof, cancer patients can move from radiology to chemotherapy to imaging and consultation more easily.

Duke Cancer Center opens Monday Duke opens cancer center

Sharon Finch Van Vechten, a former Miss North Carolina and colon cancer survivor was among the first to enjoy a new boutique in the center, designed to treat the self-esteem of cancer patients who often see visible signs of their struggle.

She enjoyed a makeover. “At least when you look in the mirror, you like what you see, even if the rest of you is hurting and going through a tough time,” Van Vechten said.

The boutique is just one of the attractions of the new center, which includes a quiet room – a serene spot to get away from it all. 

Waiting rooms also give patients and family members more space in a comforting environment. A roof-top garden terrace offers another scenic getaway.


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  • batcave Feb 23, 2012


    Re: the two centers within 10 is relevant and a waste of money.

    and of coarse you know smarter people than you actually fiqured all this out after all what's the worse cancer can do--oh yeah thats right it can kill you----wake co alone has 1 million people.

  • batcave Feb 23, 2012

    maybe he can apply at the new cancer center, seems Duke doesn't screen their "doctors".

    right , of coarse we know that no other institution or buisness has corruption---really?

  • alwaysconcernedmom Feb 23, 2012

    This is a fantastic facility! The physicians at Duke saved my life and, I for one, am happy to see the cancer patients get new digs! Anyone that ever sat through Chemo in that old, depressing, ugly place in the Morris building knows what I am talking about!

    When someone is given a diagnosis of cancer, they don't know if or for how long they will live. To get treatment in a new, modern, sunny facility, can only help patients! A good attitude is essential to your treatment and I can see this has a GREAT place if I ever need to go back (which I pray I do not!)

    For all you people commenting and making negative comments, please let those of us that deserve this facility enjoy it and be thankful we have such great centers in our backyards! I am sure there are patients in other states/cities/counties that would LOVE to be in our places should they need the fantastic care Duke gives their patients.

  • LMF65 Feb 23, 2012

    Re: the two centers within 10 is relevant and a waste of money. The story points out that the Duke center has all the services a cancer patient needs is under one roof. It is my understanding the same is true for the UNC facility. Therefore, neither center needs to be located on their respective campus. If both were truly interested in collaboration, they would have built one large facility in the middle. Both were most interested in serving not only their patients but their respective health system. My point is not about the need to treat patients as both provide quaity care to people who need it.

  • mike275132 Feb 23, 2012

    "A former Duke University cancer researcher accused of manipulating data has lost another job. Anil Potti came under scrutiny in 2010 after questions arose that he had falsely claimed to be a Rhodes Scholar and then about the scientific integrity of his research"

    maybe he can apply at the new cancer center, seems Duke doesn't screen their "doctors".

  • vtfan38 Feb 23, 2012

    @ewatkins2 - very well said. Praise the Lord that you have been fortunate to survive your battle with cancer twice. I am glad you have been able to watch your son grow up.

    To the other people on here making negative comments, until you have either fought cancer yourself or seen a family member/friend go through it, you have no business making such ignorant comments. I lost my mother in 1988 to breast cancer when I was only 15 years old. I only wish facilities such as these at Duke & UNC were available to my mother back in the 80's. There is no guarantee they would have been able to save her life, but it sure as heck would have made things a little better. I am grateful for these centers and the doctors & researchers that work hard everyday to try and find a cure. My prayer is that they find a cure soon so that no other child/teenager will ever have to watch their Mom go through what mine did.

  • Con Amor brings luv and laughter Feb 23, 2012

    Everyone in and around the triangle are VERY fortunate to have not only one, but TWO of the countries top cancer treatment hospitals, right in our back yards. I hope I never need one of em. But I am very thankful that they are here, and so close by.

  • rescueadog Feb 23, 2012

    Being a cancer suvivor twice,I feel compelled to comment on some of these insane,uniformed and totaly ignorant comments.First, the 2 cancer centers within a 10 mile radius do not just serve people within that 10 mile radius.Both UNC and Duke serve people state wide,nation wide and world wide.They are partners in the sharing of information to benefit all that come to them for treatment.May you NEVER know what it is like to look into the eyes of your 4 yr. old child and tell them mommy is sick and has to go to the hospital.Thank you God for Dr. Leight,Dr. Georgeaide,Dr.Weiner,Dr. Marcom and everyone else at Duke that gave me a chance to see my son grow into a young man.

  • Nunya123 Feb 23, 2012

    LMF65 - yes, it is a complete waste of money because there is a constant number of cancer patients and it will never increase. (Sarcasm intended)

  • Nunya123 Feb 23, 2012

    Why is BCE funny? Not sure of your sense of humor.