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Sick Goldsboro child reaches out to other sick kids

Posted February 21, 2012
Updated February 23, 2012

— Quite often, the families of children who have chronic and potentially life threatening illnesses don't have the time or energy to focus on anything but the problem at hand. 

Curing – or treating – the specific disease or illness, understandably, becomes the chief concern. 

Eight-year-old Lexi Lewis, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis shortly after she was born, is turning the tables on how her family deals with her illness by reaching out to pediatric cancer patients through the Locks of Love organization. 

"To look at her, you would have no idea that there was something wrong with her," Lisa Lewis, Lexi's mother, said. 

Unfortunately for Lexi, the symptoms associated Cystic Fibrosis make looks deceiving. 

She needs two breathing treatments day with a special vest that shakes her body. Along with inhaled saline, the treatments help break up thick mucous in her airways. 

"Then I can cough it up and spit it out," Lexi said. Sick Goldsboro child reaches out to other sick kids Sick Goldsboro girl reaches out to other sick kids

She's also had 75 percent of her intestines removed and takes oral medications that would cost more than $12,000 a month if it weren't for health insurance. She also has to take enzymes before meals. 

Despite that, Lexi's focus recently has been on reaching out to other children dealing with chronic illnesses.

Recently, she had 10 inches of her hair cut off for Locks of Love, a national non-profit that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss. 

"Lexi has her hair," Lisa Lewis said. "Lexi doesn't look sick, where kids with cancer often do." 

For Lexi, the reason for her special hair cut was simple. 

"I wanted to make wigs for them," she said. 

Locks for Love has guidelines for donating hair on its website.


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  • jenbocock Feb 29, 2012

    What a special little lady she is to care so much about other childrens needs, she could teach alot of people a thing or two about caring for others! Thank you Lexi, you actually taught me something today!!!!! And thank you Lexi's mom Lisa, you are raising a very smart & thoughtful little girl, and I know you are very proud of her!!!!!!

  • kimsstressed Feb 29, 2012

    May God bless you Lexi.... adults can learn alot from some children!!

  • North Carolina Cutie Feb 27, 2012

    This is so sweet. Lots of Love to her and her family.

  • Angel67 Feb 27, 2012

    what a sweet little angel.....

  • braddavis Feb 24, 2012

    Yep, I shed a tear......get these onions out of my office! What a great story.

  • happyone Feb 22, 2012

    Sweet, heart touching story! Such a bright young lady!!

  • razor2 Feb 21, 2012

    CF children need all the love and support they can get they are
    special children all bound by a common bond. They carry on everyday with a death sentence hanging over their heads and yet show more humanity love and caring for other people then most adults. They come from all types of backgrounds rich middle class poor it doesnt matter.. More needs to be done to help these kids and the parents who provide for them ....