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It's Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-As on Friday

Posted July 4, 2011

Here's something to keep the kids busy while they're out of school this week: Have them create a cow costume.

Chick-fil-A's annual Cow Appreciation Day is this Friday. Go to a Chick-fil-A dressed head to hoof as a cow and get a free Chick-fil-A meal. It's all day. Click here for more information and costume ideas and templates.

I know that at the North Hills Chick-fil-A in Raleigh, there will be a variety of activities, chances to win things and a best dressed cow contest. They'll be out in the commons area from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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  • babedan Jul 6, 2011

    wow attacking house cats for hunting. A natural instinct. Well, it is humans natural instinct to hunt and eat meat too. Man was not placed on this earth to eat just veggies, Our body needs both. You probably take supplements to make up for the loss of meat in your diet. Too bad. Your missing one of lifes better enjoyments.

    Let me ask are you one of those hypocrites that say no meat but eat Fish? Although not a mammal, a Fish is still meat no matter how you wish to slice it or dice it. They feel pain just like cows, dogs, cats and deer. But most vegitarians are hypocritical when it comes to that. Are you one of the Hypocrites?

  • bigpinkstork Jul 5, 2011

    "you have not heart to begin with"

    Because anyone who disagrees with you is by definition heartless? That's a very well-thought-out argument, there. From now on, I'll be sure to use that with everyone who voices an opinion different from my own. We'll miss your reasoned arguments. Oh, and some of us will stop off for a CFA sandwich on the way home. Eat Mor Chikin. Wear your cow costume for free food on Friday! Use your semicolons correctly! Bigpinkstork out.

  • bigpinkstork Jul 5, 2011

    You can't use a semicolon in front of "although." It makes the second clause subordinate to the first, and a semicolon is therefore inappropriate. Had you used a conjunctive adverb rather than a subordinating one, then the rule you cited would apply. You didn't; it doesn't. (That was a bit contrived, but I was trying to illustrate another correct usage: sticking two independent clauses together to form a single sentence.)

  • Durham Vegan Jul 5, 2011

    I'm finished with this "discussion." While I would wish that one day you all would have a change of heart, that seems highly unlikely to occur because it appears that you have no heart to begin with.

  • Durham Vegan Jul 5, 2011

    "You can also use a semicolon when you join two independent clauses together with one of the following conjunctive adverbs (adverbs that join independent clauses): however, moreover, therefore, consequently, otherwise, nevertheless, thus, etc." Quoted from Purdue Online Writing Lab. I stand by my semicolon, bigpinkstork, but thanks for pointing it out. You're a gem.

  • bigpinkstork Jul 5, 2011

    Durham Vegan, you misused the semicolon in your previous post. I would never say anything, since my own online posts often contain errors due to the rushed nature of this sort of communication. However, I couldn't just let you attack Toot's grammar/spelling when your own isn't absolutely perfect. Besides, why would you worry about grammar when you had alleged cannibalism available for attack? Priorities, please.

  • Durham Vegan Jul 5, 2011

    Wow, toot, if you want to be snarky, work on your grammar and spelling. "There are nothing"? Are you serious? "Occaisional"? Again, are you serious?

  • toot Jul 5, 2011

    There are nothing wrong with vegetarians. I love vegetarians, I eat them all the time except for an occaisional Mountain Lion steak.

  • Durham Vegan Jul 5, 2011

    babedan, I don't "criticize" carnivorous non-human animals; although your reference to cats eating birds has fault because humanly domesticated felines should be properly responsibly taken care of as indoor animals not out hunting wildlife. Humans were born with ethics, morality, and consciousness; none of which I see in how you've described yourself.

  • babedan Jul 5, 2011

    Durham, I go deer hunting and I love the fact that Bambi walks into my sites so I can shoot her down. How's that? Fact more people in the world eat meat than those that don't. Heck look at the animal population on the whole, they eat meat. Do you critize the cat that eats the bird, or how 'bout the fox that eats the chickens? Or the bear that eats both meat and veggies.

    So I say good for chick-fil-A for coming up with a great marketing scheme. I love the commericals eat mor chiken