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Lynda Loveland: Tooth Fairy inquisition

Posted March 16, 2011
Updated March 17, 2011

Lynda Loveland

My two oldest children, ages 5 and 7, are in prime tooth losing territory. They each lost one within a day of each other. They’re keeping the Tooth Fairy hopping.

The night my son lost his first tooth he was sooo excited. He carried that tooth around in a plastic baggie all night. At bedtime, he wanted to sleep with his sister in her bunk bed. I told him the Tooth Fairy would be looking for him that night.

“I took care of that.," Campbell, my oldest, said. "I left her a note in Caiden’s room.” She thinks of everything, you know. That note contained Caiden’s whereabouts and a few questions for the Tooth Fairy.

The next morning, after a visit from the Tooth Fairy, Campbell comes downstairs with the note in her hand. She walks right up to my husband and me and says, “I’m gonna need handwriting samples from both of you.” Lynda  ... Whatcha' Thinkin' Lynda Loveland: Tooth fairy inquisition

I said, “Excuse me?” She repeated: “I need a handwriting sample from you. I want to make sure there really is a Tooth Fairy.”

I told her just look at my grocery list and she can clearly see it’s not a match.

“Oh no," she said, "I need you to write the same sentence as the Tooth Fairy.”

I said: Honey, the FBI is on the phone, they want to offer you a job as an interrogator.

"What?" she said.

"Nevermind," I said.

Can you believe it? Of course, the handwriting didn’t match and her belief is restored, but gee whiz!!!

Lynda is the mom of three and co-host of Mix 101.5 WRAL-FM's Bill & Lynda in the Morning. Find her here on Thursdays. And watch her talk about her post with WRAL-TV's Bill Leslie in the video.


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  • leanneedwards Mar 17, 2011

    Oh, Linda this would so happen to me. Our 6 year old daughter is to inquistive. She asks and questions everything. Glad she knows there is a tooth fairy.

  • kittiboo Mar 17, 2011

    Too funny!

  • hihuwatlu Mar 17, 2011

    cuaround1-I'm glad it's not just my daughter who doesn't want the tooth fairy in her room. One night after she had lost a tooth I was headed to bed myself and saw her pillow laying in the hallway outside her room. I picked the pillow up to put it back in her room and found her tooth in a baggie underneath it. She doesn't care much for the Easter Bunny either.

  • ncguy Mar 17, 2011

    My children thought The tooth fairy liked the older child better because she got more money.

    Felt like telling other child " that's all the tooth fairy had on him" LOL!

  • cuaround1 Mar 17, 2011

    My daughter is the complete opposite. She has lost four teeth and wants nothing to do with the tooth fairy. I explained how she will leave money for each tooth lost, but all she wants to know is how will she get in my room. We have read several books about the tooth fairy, but to no avail. I have been able to save money with this child. Lucky me.

  • ncst8mpa Mar 17, 2011

    It only gets better. Growing up, I was always seeking a reasonable, rational explanation for everything. Nothing would irritate me more than when my father would say "..because I said so." Now that I have a teenage son with one foot already in law school, I have found myself reverting to that same phrase more often than ever.

  • JAT Mar 17, 2011

    Cynthia - you have a married Tooth Fairy? OK, that's weird! LOL

  • JAT Mar 17, 2011

    Oh, I made sure when I left my first note from the Tooth Fairy that I wrote really weird. I knew my child would question it! The key to being a parent is being one step ahead!

  • MyThreeDaughters Mar 17, 2011

    It gets sketchy at our house! My second one is so overjoyed with the money that she is fine with it! My oldest gets really upset when the Tooth Fairy doesn't come that night. I have taken to telling her the tooth fairy can also be a man and sometimes they get busy doing things their wives tell them so it is really hard to get other things done too while keeping their wives happy. So far she buys it!

  • ladybug68 Mar 17, 2011

    Love it--she is a smart one