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Training for Baby: The weight game

Posted March 1, 2011

I started out in October with a goal to lose 10 pounds. I have since surpassed that goal and hit 17 pounds!

But I’m not done yet.

My goal is to drop another five to seven pounds. If I could lose another 10, I’d be ecstatic.

I’ve been making the most of my cardio workouts three times a week by paying attention to my heart rate.

My trainer said my heart rate should never exceed the following:

220 – my age = maximum heart rate

Since I am 30, my max heart rate shouldn’t go over 190 when I am working out.

There are tons of heart rate calculators out there that tell you where your heart rate should be to burn fat during your workouts.

This one uses your age and exercise level. For me, it was pretty accurate. My heart rate typically stays been 133 and 171 during workouts, which is what it told me I should be striving for.

Another tip to stimulate weight loss is changing your diet. Just a few tweaks can jump start your metabolism. I have a friend who dropped about 10 pounds quickly by eating yogurt instead of ice cream, having fruit instead of cookies and enjoying wheat bread instead of white.

Do you have any tips to help stimulate weight loss? Any good low calorie recipes? I am getting a little sick of frozen diet meals.

Kathy is a web producer, entertainment expert and concert photographer for She has written a manuscript about her life as an entertainment reporter and pop culture. Learn more about Kathy on her website. On Wednesdays here on Go Ask Mom, she's chronicling her efforts to lose weight before she and her husband start a family.


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  • Killian Mar 2, 2011

    My best advice? Jack up protein and calcium as much as you can, and cut out most of your sugar. Don't deprive yourself - it'll lead to binging and guilt. Just start your day with Greek yogurt instead of one loaded with chemicals, snack on nuts and seeds, fruits and veggies. Try for 50+ grams of protein per day.

    After that, if you feel you want a piece of chocolate or something, go for it.

    Park far away from the door, take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Crank up the music when housecleaning or cooking and dance!

    Have fun -- it doesn't take drastic measures to refine your lifestyle.

  • bikely Mar 2, 2011

    Also- join a CSA from a local farm! (community supported agriculture)
    We have a big box of fresh produce delivered to our door each week, and that really changes the way you eat- have to get creative to eat it all before the next delivery comes!

  • bikely Mar 2, 2011

    Cooking Light magazine and website is my #1 source for low cal/low fat recipes. The secret to getting a lot of flavor out of not many calories is lots of varied herbs and seasonings. So...break down and buy them! It will be worth it. Savory spice shop at the new Layette Village (Honeycutt and Falls of Neuse) is my new favorite place- can buy as much or little of spices as you need...a real $$ saver!

  • jkca Mar 2, 2011

    Continued: go to the internet and Google HIIT.

  • jkca Mar 2, 2011

    Ok Kathy, I'm suggesting a modification of your workouts to stimulate your metabolism. I am 46 years old and naturally, my metabolism has slowed down quite a bit including my thyroid, which is now regulated with medication. I'm not sure what kind of cardio excercises you are doing, but based on years and years of my doing different cardio excercises and running, the best excercises that I have found to lose pounds and inches,get stronger and faster in my running, and to boost metabolism is HIIT-Hight Intensity Interval Training bursts of high intensity cardio with rest in between intervals)I know this goes against the grain of keeping your heartrate in the fat burning zone but you should research the physiology of interval workouts. I have been doing this for a while in addition to strength training, and the inches have melted off. If you incorporate interval training into your excercise routine, you will have the strength and energy to be the best mom you can be. If you want more info

  • NC Sunshine Mar 2, 2011

    Hey Kathy,

    I'm following Weight Watchers and have found a site with recipes suitable for any diet. It's The recipes are fresh and easy to make. Most of them make enough for quick meals several times a week. One of my favorite is the Chicken Pot Pie Soup.

    Happy Eating!