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Another daddy-daughter dance added to the list

Posted January 11, 2011

Just a very quick note to share that I've updated our list of local daddy-daughter dances. This one is hosted by the Cary Ballet Company.

Click here for more information about this and other dances in the area. They're all next month and tickets go fast for these kinds of events. So act fast if you want to go.


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  • shall6 Jan 12, 2011

    Thank you byoung!


  • byoung2 Jan 12, 2011

    Daddy Daughter dance at the Robert and Pearl Seymour Center, Chapel Hill, NC Friday Feb. 11th details: page 3

  • shall6 Jan 12, 2011

    Thanks! I know of one Girl Scout troop that is holding a daddy-daughter dance, but it's just for a small area ... not the general public. Love to hear if there are more that are open to all. I'll check around too.


  • pulstar40 Jan 12, 2011

    The Girl Scouts had a father-daughter dance each year at the State Fairgrounds when my daughter was a scout. Don't know if they still do that....

  • shall6 Jan 12, 2011

    bwkell -- those would be the YMCA Y-Guides and Princesses. *Great* organization and activity for kids and dads. Here's the website:


  • bwkell Jan 12, 2011

    Perhaps someone can help me out. I seem to recall a group that was in the Christmas Parade this year that the announcers described as a father-daughter organization that took part in outdoor activities. I would even say that I think the fathers and daughters were wearing vests with badges on them. With the holiday hustle and bustle I forgot to look into this sooner, and now I can't remember the name of the group for the life of me...and I can't seem to find anyone online either, but perhaps I am searching with the wrong keywords. Thanks in advance!

  • AF Flight Nurse Jan 11, 2011

    Daddy-daughter dances: I think this is a wonderful idea...

  • BeenHereSince67 Jan 11, 2011

    What, no nasty comments posted about something like this from folks who think American men are no longer needed? I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!