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Training for Baby: Baby crazy

Posted December 14, 2010

In recent months, I have become "baby crazy."

My husband and I have always talked about starting a family, but we weren't ready yet.

But in the last six months or so, I have realized that I really want to be a mom. I see cute babies everywhere. It is kind of like this episode of "How I Met Your Mother," where Marshall and Lily see babies everywhere they go.

And it doesn't hurt that the newsroom is filled with expectant mothers.

My husband and I have set target goal for trying to get pregnant as sometime next summer, but before anything starts taking up residency in my belly, I have to make a few changes.

My gynecologist said that losing about 10 pounds before conceiving would do me some good.

I am currently about 10 pounds overweight. I call the extra pounds - the "Marriage 10." I spent so much time losing weight for the wedding that I ate everything in sight for the first month or two after the ceremony!

But before I have a baby, I want to be in the best shape of my life. I also want to have a workout routine that I can continue to do throughout pregnancy and, of course, after. 

With a goal to lose 10 pounds before baby, I joined a gym - the fabulous O2 Fitness in Raleigh!

Now, I'm on a steady diet of Zumba, kickboxing and yoga. I also work out once a week with my trainer Anthony Harold.

Anthony helped me outline a workout plan and spread out my meals into six small meals a day.

We started by talking about my goals and then my potential obstacles - one of which is a sweet tooth! My husband also craves desserts, so I needed to get him on-board with the new diet.

I'm currently learning the joys of less carbs. It isn't a pretty sight.

I look forward to sharing my journey to "train for baby" with you. Maybe we can find a way to stay fit together.

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  • WillyT Dec 16, 2010

    Dewberry13, isn't that the point of having a blog with a comment section? If you don't want to hear a variety of opinions and input, then DON'T BLOG!

  • WillyT Dec 16, 2010

    I agree with mdwrfw about a little discretion. Hopefully, things will work out for you as planned but if a year down the road you are still having trouble conceiving, you may wish you had been more discreet. And, once you're pregnant, you run the risk of not having that special bonding time with your husband when only the two of you know (somehow people just know, even if you haven't announced it). Also, keep in mind that with 10% of couples suffering from infertility, it can be very hurtful to others to blurt out your business if you are not one of them. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated but there is a fine line between being happy for yourself and gloating. And please, PLEASE do not be one of those women who post their ultrasound pictures on FB or anywhere else public! NOBODY aside from a select few who are close to you wants to see that. I don't mean to sound preachy- it's just my opinion! I do wish you the very best of luck and great for you for aspiring

  • JAT Dec 16, 2010

    macharsam - that's especially true if the woman isn't one to have worked out and all that stuff before she decides to try to get pregnant. If I started doing Zumba now, it'd half kill me! lol

  • JAT Dec 16, 2010

    Dew - it's not a matter of leaving them alone. Some people have different views and there's no reason that they can't voice those opinions. When these women and WRAL decide to put a blog on a public site, they should expect all views not just the ones that agree with whatever is being said or permits the person to say or do something that others may not agree with or think is healthy. Why is that so bad? If they don't want people to post and debate, then they can get their own blog and approve people who can post to it. That way they get 100% only what they want to see and read.

  • snowl Dec 15, 2010

    Good health is important for all of us, just don't overdue the exercise. I've heard that being too thin, dieting and exercising too much can actually mess up your menstrual cycle or stop it all together for a while. Women need some body fat to get pregnant. I'm not being negative, just realistic, because of the setbacks and things that I've already been through so far in my life, a few that no one would want or anticipate, it's just best to take each day as it comes and stay positive that you will reach all of your dreams... when they are meant to happen.. or not.

  • DewBerry13 Dec 15, 2010

    Good lord, can't people just let these women blog and leave them alone, if you don't want to hear about it then don't read it. It's just that simple, if you have negative things to say, your proabably not happy and it's best to leave it to yourself.

    I hope your dreams of becoming a mom happen. it's a very joyous thing!

  • JAT Dec 15, 2010

    mdwrfw - you're exactly right. Too many women these days think they can control this part of life and if they do, it's purely by chance. Women should accept that there are some things they just can't control and can't conveniently fit something like having a child into their schedule. If you want a child, you fit the schedule to child, not the other way around. Too many couples just don't want to let nature take it's course and enjoy life. It's the "i want it now" attitude.

  • anclontz Dec 15, 2010

    I just wanted to let you know that I was successful by loosing 5-10 lbs and eating a healthier diet (including taking vitamins and fish oil). But, once you do get pregnant, your body quickly gains any extra weight back that you might have JUST lost pre-baby (i mean within the last 2 months) and then you start gaining the "normal" pregnancy be prepared when you gain more than you think you may. This was my experience anyways. It was like my body was already set at an equillibrium, and then losing a few pounds offset it. Don't focus on loosing weight, persay, but more about eating healthy and getting more nutrients as opposed to junk. Goodluck, it's an amazing journey :)

  • mdwrfw Dec 15, 2010

    I find it interesting how young woman are so eager to announce to the world exactly when they want to start a family and then as soon as the little stick turns pink they let everyone has a way of not working out just like you want it to. Unless you are ready for all the questions people will ask if you aren't pregnant on target date or if you miscarry, keep some things private.Babies are wonderful,and certainly worth all the excitement, but a little discretion is a good thing.

  • lisalexander Dec 15, 2010

    You are making a great choice to be healthy before getting pregnant!However, it won't stop there. Continue to workout even after you are. YOu can pretty much do any workout with a few minor adjustments. Your body will be in great shape & have the energy to deliver your bundle. There are so many benefits to working out and eating healthy for you and the baby! I look forward to your blogs!