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Fayette-Mom: Scared of teacher

Posted November 15, 2010

Jennifer Joyner

True confession time: I’m a little scared of my child’s teacher.

Don’t get me wrong; she’s an excellent teacher and the kids really love her. No, I’m pretty sure my fear is born out of my own insecurities rather than a flaw on the teacher’s part.

But still…I’m a little afraid.

She’s really strict, which I’m sure is good for the students, even in first grade. They need structure, and why not set the bar now so when they get to higher grades, they are prepared, right?

But she’s pretty strict with parents, too.

Forget to sign a form? The hammer comes down (well actually, you just get a polite but firm reminder sent home, but for some reason, this feels to me like one of those slaps on the palm my first grade teacher used to give with a ruler).

Bypass your nightly reading assignment? It’s duly noted on your child’s daily report (perfectly standard practice, but I tend to take it as an indictment against my commitment to my daughter’s learning. P.S. It only happened once!)

I’ve come to feel as though I am her student, too, which may be good in theory (I’m on a cool learning adventure with my child!) but is not so good in practice (um, I’m an adult and I shouldn’t be intimidated. Right? Right????)

So, we have Parent-Teacher Conferences coming up, and I’m busy preparing myself. I will be calm and I will listen. And my questions and comments will be focused and productive.

And perhaps if I can put aside my unwarranted fear and insecurity, I may actually learn a thing of two!

Jennifer is a mom of two and WRAL-TV assignment editor in Fayetteville. Her food obsession memoir, “Designated Fat Girl,” came out in September. Read more about Jennifer and her book on her website. Find her here on Go Ask Mom on Tuesdays.



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  • acoats2 Nov 16, 2010

    I agree with all the other posts. Don't be intimidated. Be glad that she cares enough to keep you informed. It's good to see teachers that actually try to do their job and care for their students educational needs.

  • pirategirl12 Nov 16, 2010

    It sounds like this teacher rocks! Don't be intimidated...that's not what the teacher wants. It sounds as if you have a great amount of respect for her therefore your child will too. Use the conference to strengthen the team that you two educational team with the same goals for the child involved.

  • 4Cats Nov 16, 2010

    I agree with the comments below...teachers need to hold the parents accountable...I applaud this teacher!

  • whitefiber2 Nov 16, 2010

    If more teachers and administrators, and the courts, held parents accountable we will have a much better educational system. Until that happens the education our children receive will be sub-par. I have been a teacher for close to 25 years and what I see in the public schools is appalling. If I had a child in school today he/she would not be attending our public schools.

  • Jammer512 Nov 16, 2010

    Do not be scared or intimidated, be appreciative that your child's teacher cares about educating your child. Work with this and every other teacher your child has and they will work with you. Your children will also see that you are serious about them getting an education.

  • Retired07 Nov 16, 2010

    Sorry you feel that way about the teacher. She is a throwback to the day when kids actually learned something in school. Get over it, be thankful, and do your part.

  • missparrothead Nov 16, 2010

    My son's 2nd grade teacher was like that and she was a fantastic teacher. I agree with other poster- we need more teachers like that.

    Don't feel inferior. You are equally important as she is and vice versa. Its a partnership!

  • jgatliniv Nov 16, 2010

    WOW! A real teacher. This is standard behavior for an "old guard" teacher. We need more like her!