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Win tickets to see Curious George Live!

Posted July 26, 2010
Updated August 6, 2010

Curious George Live! is headed to the RBC Center Aug. 13 to Aug. 15 and we've got more tickets to give away! Lots more tickets!

The live, large-scale show follows George to Rome as he works to help his good friend Chef Pisghetti. Tickets start at $15. Click here for details.

We have four packs of four tickets, each ticket worth $25, for the 3 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 14, show! That's a $100 value for each winner!

What do you need to do to enter to win? One or all of the following:

1. Subscribe to the weekday Go Ask Mom newsletter by clicking here.

2. Follow @wralmoms on Twitter and tweet about the contest.

3. Answer the following question in the comments below: In the famous books, Curious George has let bunnies loose; fished with cake instead of worms; and climbed all over a toy store, among other adventures. What's the biggest mess your kids have gotten into?

This contest ends at 5 p.m. Aug. 5. The winners' names will be listed in this post by 5 p.m. Aug. 6 and contacted by email. Each winner must respond to the email by noon Aug. 8 or a runner-up will be selected. Click here for the official rules. Good luck!

Thanks to everybody for participating! And congratulations to the winners: lisamartin03, colliehut, dannyiismom2008 and yellowmomma08 (via Twitter). Check your emails (or Twitter) and respond by noon Aug. 8.


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  • mattiebookittie Aug 9, 2010


  • shall6 Aug 5, 2010

    This contest is closed! Thank you everybody for participating! Winners' names will be posted as soon as they've been identified!

    Sarah (the editor)

  • steadyaswegoblog Aug 5, 2010

    My 2 year old daughter got her hands, (and everything else) into a tub of vaseline last week... I almost slipped walking into her room and should have known something was up when I glanced past the empty tub of vaseline, but still freaked out when I saw her greasy face. She had gotten it all over everything... her pajamas, hands, feet, face, ears, hair, the bed, the carpet, and the door... nothing was spared from the oily sheen. I spent ALL day trying to get it out of her hair, exhausting both Google's suggestions and those of all my mommy friends. I dabbed with a towel, soaked it up with cornstarch, used every shampoo in the house, blow dryed, and finally tried baby oil. Which believe it or not got the grease out... but despite 6 washes in one day her hair still stayed oily. It's never a dull moment with a 3, 2, and 7 month old!

  • lindsaylund Aug 5, 2010

    Winter of 2006 in upstate NY, my now 5 y/o son was about 18 months old. Our family commomly used "Eucerin" cream to help with the extreme cold and harsh winds. My son had a #2 explosion in his diaper. I gave him a bath and sat him on the toilet seat wrapped in a towel while I collected the soiled clothes from both the bath room and his room, gagging at the stench! I arrived back to find my son had managed in the short time I had left the room, had covered himself in the thick white cream! He also decided to do a little finger painting as well ..... on the walls, toilet handle, sink and mirror! My older daughter confessed that she had used the cream last but failed to screw the cover back on. It took FOREVER to clean up the mess!!!!

  • dannyiismom2008 Aug 5, 2010

    I have a 2 year old son that loves to get into everything. Well one night he was suppose to be in bed and we heard something in my sisters room. So I walked in there and my son had got into her makeup and had the lipstick all over him and he was trying to eat it. He also tired to paint the wall with it. And all he could say was "It pretty mommy. Sarah love it."

  • karenrs2002 Aug 5, 2010

    I have a 4 year old daughter who loves Curious George.One morning she got out some eggs,grits,ham and cheese and put them all in a bowl and mixed it up to make an ham and cheese omelet.She told everyone it was time to eat but said it dont look like when mommy cooks them.It was messy but so cute and sweet

  • HappyFeet Aug 2, 2010

    I have 4 wonderful kids who manage to work in "messy" mode quite often. One of the neatest weard creations they work with on an excursion with their daddy. They sprinkle dry strawberry jello on top of white bread- mix it up and use it as fishing bait for their fishing poles. My husband absolutely loves using it and honestly gets good results- plus no worms to mess with just a few baby wipes to get the jello off your hands. The fish must have "sweet tooths" too.

  • thedoggiebone Aug 2, 2010

    Well we have three kids(ages 13, 9,2) and at our home there is never a dull moment. One day our now 9 yr old decided that should would arch her eyebrows on her own! She took her morning shower as usual but when she came out of the bathroom my husband noticed something very different about her. She had borrowed her daddy's razor and completely, YES COMPLETELY shaved off her left eyebrow. After laughing forever, her daddy had to color in an eyebrow with a makeup pencil for about two weeks! Thank goodness for gifted dads!

  • kel27qt Aug 2, 2010

    The biggest mess my 3 year old son made what i gave him a jello pudding snack and walked away from him to do something (big mistake) and he came running to me and said "mama look what I did" He had stripped off all of his cloths and used the pudding as body paint and had it every where! I was so mad, but it was so funny at the same time. By the way we don't have cable but Xavier (my 3 yr old) watches PBS Kids and love,love loves Curious George! I as well love the show also, I grew up with it also!

  • mattiebookittie Aug 1, 2010

    The biggest mess my daughter made was while potty training. She enjoyed fingerpainting with number two. We tried everything -- taping diapers, having her help clean up, time out. Fortunately the stage was very short lived.