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Month of Mom: Win tickets to Beauty and the Beast

Posted May 3, 2010

The tale as old as time, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, is headed to the Durham Performing Arts Center from June 8 to June 13. The smash hit Broadway musical is an eye-popping spectacle and classic musical love story with unforgettable characters, lavish sets and costumes, and big production numbers.

I'm excited that Go Ask Mom has a family four pack of tickets to the 7:30 p.m. June 8 show to give away as part of our Month of Mom, a month-long celebration of mom with contests and giveaways.

What do you need to do to win?

One or all of the following:

1. Answer this question in the comments below: In our Riverdance contest, readers shared the best parenting advice they've ever received. What's the worst?

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3. Follow @wralmoms on Twitter and retweet about the contest.

Contest ends at noon May 7. The winner will be picked from random and must accept the prize by 5 p.m. May 11 or a runner-up will be chosen. The winner's name will be announced on the website.


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  • thinkb4speak May 7, 2010

    "It's ok to let your children sleep in your bed with you." I never did this and I am so glad that I didn't listen. I have watched my friends go through horrible experiences as they tried to get their kids to sleep in their own beds. My kids are great well adjusted girls and they never slept with us.

  • scotlandlover May 7, 2010

    worst advice was that I was wasting water and detergent by using cloth diapers instead of disposable.I still used cloth.

  • wundermommy May 7, 2010

    The worst parenting advice I ever recieved was on potty training. I was told that when your child won't go to the bathroom on the potty, have them sit on the potty until they go, they can't hold it too long. Well....this advice came from someone who didn't know the strong will of my child who held his to show me that he WASN't going to use the potty. All children are different!!

  • dchesney May 7, 2010

    Worst advice I was told was to let her cry it out. That only works on some occasions and does not fit every child's personality. Crying it out took a much longer time instead of just going and comforting her for a few minutes. It was not harmful to go pat her back or rock her a few minutes until she was drowsy. If I let her cry it out she only got that much more wired and then wouldn't sleep at all. Listen to your child's needs not what everyone thinks should be.

  • lawra May 7, 2010

    worst advice: Pullups are the greatest invention since sliced bread. Really? My kids just viewed them as a bigger diaper....

  • lwilhelm1 May 6, 2010

    On breast feeding, too. Loved the lactation consultant at Wake that taught my class. Got conflicting advice from nurses at hospital--some said I was doing it wrong. Saw lots of nurses as I'd had a C-section (longer in hospital). I felt it was fine and insisted on seeing the teacher I'd had.
    All was fine and I nursed happily until my daughter was nearly a year old (she started biting badly)--even though I worked full time.
    Also following on Twitter and retweeted.

  • amytipsip May 6, 2010

    The worst parenting advice I ever received was you should put your child in ____ activity, and ____ activity. I am a firm believer that you must listen carefully to what your child shows interest in, let them try it, and keep listening. Don't get stuck on one thing, let them get their hands in any subject that interests them. Their interests will change, but the experiences will nurture them for future more permanent interests.

  • moo May 6, 2010

    The worst parenting advice I got all revolved around breast feeding-each nurse at the hospital had her own ideas on the subject, my mother-in-law only wanted me to breast feed and didn't accept formula as an option, and I had my own thoughts about the subject that I had to try to remember while everyone was telling me what I "should" be doing.

  • jon8 May 5, 2010

    Worst Advice: Don't let your baby have a pacifier.

  • aprilmiller May 5, 2010

    Worst advice: every time they suck their fingers... try to feed them. Sorry, a well-educated schedule made everyone in our house happy and well-fed during the nursing years (babies in the 90% and a mommy not guessing "could he be hungry?" every 20 minutes.)