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Help a Mom: Birthday parties for two-year-olds?

Posted April 3, 2012

Here's an email I received from a Wake Forest mom recently:

What is a good place for a two-year-old's birthday party?

As a mom of a seven-year-old and a two-year-old, I recommended something simple. A party at a local park or playground or cupcakes at day care or a playgroup. For my own kids' second birthdays, it was actually just a family affair with grandparents, cake and presents.

But I know there are many other ways to mark the occasion. How and where have you celebrated your two-year-olds' birthdays? (I did also point her in the direction of our birthday party database).

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  • judithfergerson Apr 4, 2012

    Invite no more than 6 children - take old egg carton and put different colored water color in each slot, give them paper towel holders, toilet paper holders to decorate with the paints. then supply them with card stock cutouts and a little elmers glue to put them together to create things(shows their creativity) they will enjoy all this. Finally let them play with water guns shooting at the used plastic coffee containers. Be creative for your kids and save some money - Take plenty of photos, it is not all about how much $$ we can spend but how much fun they can have at home with a party.

  • ncmum Apr 4, 2012

    Whatever happened to simple birthday parties held at home or in the backyard? Those have always been the most fun and most successful for us. Granted they take a little more effort, but are so worth it. We had a wonderful "coloring party" when one of my kids was 2 or 3 - it was so fun. They decorated cupcakes, colored, decorated things with stickers, painted treasure boxes with crayons and markers. Was very inexpensive, but was such a hit with the kids. If it is a summer birthday you could have a water park theme in the back yard - paddling pool, sprinkler, water guns etc.

  • blahblahblah Apr 4, 2012

    At home with family.

  • littleteacher Apr 4, 2012

    I totally agree with simple and cheap. They will have fun, but really won't remember it for long. We did the park with their playgroup friends before the big day: PBJ sandwiches, fruit and cupcakes for dessert. Sandbuckets & sunglasses for treats. Then, did a family birthday with a cake with grandparents on the real day. Have fun! :)

  • righthere1234 Apr 4, 2012

    My daughter just turned 2 in February, and I really debated on what to do for her birthday. I looked at multiple locations, but I just couldn't justify spending $200+ for a birthday party she won't remember. With a February birthday we don't really have the option of going to the park. We ended up just taking cupcakes to her preschool and having family and my best friend's family over for pizza and cake.

  • storchheim Apr 4, 2012

    The park or at home. I've heard that you should invite one guest for every year of the child's age, so this year you would have two guests. Cupcakes and candles, lots of photos. Happy birthday!

  • rebeccapatel Apr 4, 2012

    We attended a b-day party at My Gym and my two year old loved it! However, for my little one's b-day we just had pizza at Anna's Pizzaria in Apex. They have a private room to rent and like a previous poster said, it was just for us, the parents.

  • beaupeep Apr 4, 2012

    In your kitchen with grandma.

  • swirlgirl027 Apr 4, 2012

    Jumpin Beans and Little Gym both did an excellent party. Completely stress free and they were super friendly.

  • NCMOMof3 Apr 4, 2012

    Usually, for that age, something small is best. 2 yr olds can become overwhelmed easily and a situation where you end up with 10+ cranky 2 yr olds is no fun for anyone. We usually did just family (mostly adults) for this age. A park is a good choice but it can be hard to corral the kids for cake (or cupcakes) and presents. Sometimes they don't want to stop playing. Good luck and happy 2nd birthday