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Lynda Loveland: Packing her bags

Posted January 11, 2012

Lynda Loveland

My youngest, four-year-old Carys, topped her siblings last weekend. She was the first among my kids to go on a sleepover.

Carys has been begging for a sleepover, but we’ve just been busy. Finally, one of her friends down the street invited her over last Saturday night. Carys was on cloud nine! She came running back home with her friend, informing me I had to call the other mom to tell her it’s OK.

There’s no way you could have put a bigger smile on her face. Of course, once the other kids found out about Carys’ big adventure, they had a fit. Too bad, so sad.

By the time I turned around from breaking the news to my older offspring, Carys was at the front door, bags packed!

I said, “Honey, are you going to be OK staying away all night?” She said, “Mom, I’ll be back tomorrow morning!” And she said it in that sorta "duh, mom" sounding voice.

And sure enough, she was just fine. In fact, she didn’t come home till 10:30 the next morning!

The mom hosting this sleepover said her other two kids also had someone over. I thought, holy cow, all those kids!!

She said it’s actually easier when they all have someone at once. They all play together and stay out of your hair, for the most part.

Do you agree?

Lynda is the mom of three and co-host of Mix 101.5 WRAL-FM's Bill & Lynda in the Morning. Find her here on Thursdays.


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  • lettercarrier67 Jan 16, 2012

    Hint, Hint, Linda time for a BigSleep over at your house! I really miss those times

  • mcorson2 Jan 12, 2012

    Linda, Yep, the more the better! works like a charm in this house, and mom and dad get some down time!

  • snowl Jan 12, 2012

    Kids seem to grow up faster these days. A 4 year old wanting to attend a sleepover away from home? Watch out Lynda, this may be an early start to your empty nest!

  • madntad Jan 12, 2012

    I think its AWESOME!!!

  • jurydoc Jan 12, 2012

    Glad to see your daughter didn't buy into YOUR anxiety as evidence by your questioning her "Are you sure you're going to be ok?" Why shouldn't she be ok?? Do you not trust this situation? If not, why would you send her into it? If you do, then why raise the question in her head? Kids LEARN their insecurities and anxieties by watching and listening to us. Meet each child where s/he is. My daughter (now nearly 25) announced prior to kindergarten that she wanted to ride the bus the first day of school. I thought for a moment, checked my own insecurities and admired her independence. She rode the bus the first day and was just fine. I know because I went to the school in my car for the breakfast for kindergarten moms! We need to be especially aware of inadvertent squelching of independence and confidence in our girls!

  • thinkb4speak Jan 12, 2012

    I have a 11yr old and 16yr old girl. I agree that each can have a friend over and they will generally keep themselves occupied. Although, I can honestly say that sleepovers in general are a good thing. The kids generally go and play rather than sit with Mom and Dad looking to be entertained. The one rule in our house is that if you are loud enough to wake Mom then you are in some serious trouble! Most of the time, everyone is asleep by midnight.

  • cinder572 Jan 12, 2012

    Wow - my grandson (turning 5 tomorrow) is going on his first sleepover this weekend. MiMi & Poppa were keeping quiet because even though we think it's too young we are not the parents. Thanks for sharing the story of your 4 year old - maybe we are old fashioned!

  • grnpnd7 Jan 12, 2012

    Linda I loved sleepovers when I was growing up. I am 65 now. If you really want to give your kids a treat, give them a pajama party. That was one of the fun things I did growing up! You simply put blankets and pillows down; is a great experience for kids.

  • k8ered Jan 12, 2012

    I remember those days. Whether I had one friend spending the night, or a few, my older brother steered clear of us and holed up in his room! He stayed pretty quiet, but we made up for it!My dad had to get up at 2:45 every morning for work, and we would always still be up when he left for work. He'd leave, shaking his head at "those crazy girls" :-)

  • kellypratz Jan 12, 2012

    my 9 yr old daughter has sleepover's with her best friend who also has a younger sister who is my other daughter's age. Well when they do sleepovers at the friends house the mom always calls me to ask if my younger one can stay too, I ask her "won't they drive you crazy?", she responds with "NO, they all play together and leave me alone". Now I can say I have had all of them at my house before for sleepovers and yes they do all play together but there are those moments of them wanting to be around the parents as well. But it is all fun.