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Dad's View: Big bed for my little dreamer

Posted November 22, 2011

Silence … that’s what I found in Toys “R” Us.

I know. You’re shocked. I was shocked too, especially less than two months before Christmas. If you wake up and visit the store on a Sunday morning around the 8 a.m. hour, that’s what you’ll find too.

My wife ordered a bed rail online and I went to pick it up. The very same day, she ordered a twin set for my nearly two-year-old little girl. I can’t say little for much longer.

Ellie is just old enough to slide off of the couch, and have her feet hit the floor, without landing on her “bum-bum.” Where has time gone? One year ago, doctors were removing a body cast from her tiny frame. Similar to my oldest daughter, Ellie’s hips were out of place when born. A year later, Ellie now scoots across our hardwood floors like a penguin on ice. Keeping up with her isn’t what it would be if I were ten years younger.

Sometime this week, I’ll take down the crib that has been a warm, safe incubator for my girls. I’ll dismantle the crib before hauling it off to the dump. Unless I grease the door frame to her room, that crib won’t fit through the room’s exit.

I learned that the hard way when, just over seven years ago, I pieced the crib together in our living room and thought I’d roll it into my oldest daughter’s room. Why put the crib together in the room where it belonged, when I could assemble it in the living room and watch TV at the same time!!! I’m seasoned now. Experienced, you might call me … as a crib constructor/dissembler.

Nonetheless, I’m not so sure I’m ready to take the crib down. My wife wants me to saw three of the rungs off one of the crib’s side rails ... You know, as a keepsake. Doesn’t every wife save everything that their child uses, wears, plays with, sits in, walks in, eats on, spits up on, etc.? They don’t? That’s news to me. I love you, honey. ; )

An end of an era has arrived. My babies are no longer babies. Those little feet I stare at when I rock Ellie to sleep will soon help her propel herself into her “big girl bed.” She won’t need me to rock her to sleep. She’ll finally have her own pillow and bed sheets. She’ll also own the independence of crawling out of bed, rather than waiting for me to pick her up out of the crib.

Old thing … you, crib … you’ll be a memory soon. Big girl bed … I reluctantly welcome you.

Love your little ones people!

Jay Hardy is the father of a grade schooler and toddler in Holly Springs. He's a former sports photographer and reporter for WRAL-TV. Find him here about once a month on Wednesday.


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  • bjgupton Nov 23, 2011

    my daughter is a sophomore in college and she still likes to snuggle up to her Daddy, you may not get to rock her to sleep, but she will still want your hugs!!!!