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Lynda Loveland: A WHAT kind of birthday party?

Posted October 5, 2011

Lynda Loveland

My kids have very distinct and different personalities. My boy is all boy and my two daughters are polar opposites. The youngest, Carys, is four and couldn’t possibly have any more estrogen flowing through her body. She refuses to wear anything but dresses and insists on picking out her own clothes. She’ll spend 10 minutes in front of the mirror combing her hair. She LOVES all things girly.

Her birthday isn’t until February but she has it all figured out. She informed me she wants a “beauty makeover party." I said, “a what?” A beauty makeover party, she says very matter of factly.

Of course, I’m thinking, don’t you have to wear makeup to have a beauty makeover party? Plus, you’re FOUR! How about a Sesame Street party? Yeah, that didn’t really go over well.

I never did anything like that as a kid. I was a tomboy through and through. I guess a little sparkly, glittery, little kid makeup would be fine for her party, but that’s where I draw the line. That one episode of Toddlers and Tiaras is firmly burned into my memory.

Plus, she’s my baby…

Lynda is the mom of three and co-host of Mix 101.5 WRAL-FM's Bill and Lynda in the Morning. Find her here on Thursdays.


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  • jacmic Oct 6, 2011

    My daughter had her 5 yr b'day party at Snip Its and it was fanstatic. The girls had a blast and I didn't have to do anything but take pictures and pay the bill! Worked for all of us.

  • klcmomof2 Oct 6, 2011

    We did a "beauty make over party" at home. One of the moms brought some old formal dresses and the girls had a fashion show - it was a blast!

  • Killian Oct 6, 2011

    You could always modify it for her so it isn't like T&T. For example, mani/pedis using a fruity smelling scrub bought at the store, and then painting their nails? Ribbons and cute hair bands could create "interesting" "fashion" hairstyles, etc.

    That way she is happy, but you're comfortable with the limits.

  • hodgesfour Oct 6, 2011

    I had never heard of this either but my daughter went to a friend's birthday party at Snip Its in Brier Creek. They did glamour make overs for the girls and dressed them up and then they had a runway for them to have a fashion show at the end. They did not overly make up the girls. They were beautiful and had a GREAT time. My daughter wants to do the same for her birthday party in February.

  • katizs Oct 6, 2011

    I think it would be fun - there are several spas catered to little girls now - where they can get their toes & fingers done and have girly fun without going overboard - embrace their party plans! I will tell you the best times I have with my kids is planning their parties and the off the wall party themes we have come up with - example: last year my youngest for her 5th wanted a PENGUIN princess party - that was fun trying to make that happen!
    It will always be the fun memories that matter - have fun and embrace the girly girl!

  • thessenv Oct 6, 2011

    I saw this ad on TV a couple of days ago about a Childrens Spa. It was called Sug-ems I think (spelling could be wrong) but it was for little girls birthday parties. They used chocolate for the facial. It was very cute. I think it is the in thing. My daughters are Hair stylists and have done several Princess Parties which include make overs. Look up Sug-ems and see what you think. Sounds like a great birthday plan to me. Victoria

  • lwt Oct 6, 2011

    One of my best friends growing up was very girly girly. I think we were about 7 when she had a princess tea party. Her mom found a woman who came to the party with a huge selection of dresses. So we each got to put on a pretty dress, she painted our nails and put on a very little amount of makeup. Then we had tea with little finger sandwiches. During tea she taught us some basic manners for more formal type dinning. Her favorite line was, “If you are having tea with the Queen…”. I was a total tomboy and still had a fun time getting all dressed up.

  • kellypratz Oct 6, 2011

    My 5 year old daughter is the same way, she is ALL girl. Loves to have her nails painted, her hair fixed, wear dresses and skirts to school. My other daughter who is 9 doesn't really care about all that stuff. The only thing she has mentioned for her 10th b-day party she wants me to rent a bouncy house. I ask her what is wrong with the trampoline in the backyard? she says "Oh that is not the same". Kids, go figure.

  • justbcauz Oct 6, 2011

    You could always paint nails too. Little girls LOVE that. Just make sure you have plenty of help :-)

  • sat123 Oct 5, 2011

    When I was a kid, I was a tomboy and my sister was a priss. My mom did a couple birthday parties for her at a hairdressing school in Charlotte - the student employees need people to learn on, they did our hair and nails and a bit of makeup. And, since they're students, it's not as expensive. (I think. I was like six, what do I know?)