Day 4 of Cheap Eats: Wilson, Durham, Cary

Posted May 1, 2008

In day four of Cheap Eats, WRAL Reporter Kim Dean found everything from fish to jerk chicken. Her goal is to get a meal, plus drink and tax, for less than $10 – no fast food allowed.

Worrell’s Restaurant and Seafood Market in Wilson has been making affordable meals for 47 years. Owner Carol Ruffin said she knows her customers depend on fair prices.

“With the high price of gas, everyone is looking for a bargain,” Ruffin said.

Worrell’s sells fresh fish you can make it home, or they'll serve you at the restaurant. They get the fish wholesale and are able to keep the prices down because of the market.

Dean ordered a dinner portion of Tilapia for $5.50. It comes grilled, steamed or fried. With two sides, hush puppies, a drink and tax, the entire meal cost $7.05.

Dean's next stop was Cosmic Cantina near Duke University’s east campus in Durham. This favorite spot of many is tucked away up a flight of stairs where they serve their famous burritos.

Using fresh ingredients, every meal is made to order in minutes. A massive burrito with a drink and tax is $9.33.

“This burrito is as big as my head,” Dean said.

Next on the Cheap Eats menu was Cool Runnings Jamaican Cuisine in Cary.

“The chicken wrap, I heard, is very popular,” Dean said.

The wrap comes with Napa cabbage, sweet peppers and homemade jerk sauce. It's served with chips and a homemade salsa. With a drink and tax, it was $9.57

Friday on WRAL's Morning News at 6, Dean finds everything from homemade lasagna and fresh salad, to a big barbecue meal for under $10.


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  • NC Blueblood May 1, 2008

    I also dont get why so many people are complaining about this series. You ever think that it might be a way to promote some local restaurants instead of national chains. And a "waste of news", I guess all you want to hear about is the negative stuff that is going on.

  • 2thebeach May 1, 2008

    Again, I don't see why so many are complaining about this story line. Lunch out occasionally is a treat for me - I usually skip or bring my lunch, so I'm glad to see the $10 options.

  • chrbellm9 May 1, 2008

    The folks who are whining and cheapo's as you call them will be the ones who get to keep there house and economy car as the economy declines. The ones who waste will be the ones who loose there interest only loaned McMansion and Ford Excursion!! LOL I have several friends and know others who think the only thing important in life is the size of your house, the model car you drive, and the places you eat. And at the end of the week they are sitting at home whining they have no money to do anything with. Its so amusing!!!

  • donnied1952 May 1, 2008

    I'm just glad that WRAL is footing the bill for all this instead of taxpayers. $10.00 is way too rich for one person to eat lunch in my view. That's like really "doing it up" in NC. I think I'll have to stick with my cornbread and beans at home-about $2.00 a meal.

  • Dreamin of Disney World May 1, 2008

    Me...a whiner??? Naw..I'm a smiler :) see.
    I've just been really surprised at all the negative remarks on this report this week. So many seem down right bitter about what I condsider to be a fun and somewhat helpful news article.

  • SEOpro May 1, 2008

    "Bravo gbullock!! I've never seen so many whiners"

    Does that include you, perhaps? Gbullock doesn't need any encouragement to continue to tell GOLO posters to "shut up". Everyone is entitled to their opinion - whining or not.

    I personally think that the report is fun and gets people to think about eating out other than the fast food drive throughs. The prices for "super meals" are rivaling the prices for a "sit-down" meal, no matter what your definition of a "meal" is. Healthier alternatives are out there and better deals are out there. It is good we can share info about good alternatives to drive through burger joints that may offer healthier choices at comparable prices.

    I have a family of 5 - so no matter where we go, the bill is normally more than $35.00. I can feed my entire family a fresh, wholesome meal for $10 - $15 at home. It is nice to go out now and again though. Visiting different restaurants without absolutely breaking the bank is very desirable!

  • DougWare.NET May 1, 2008

    If you want a less than $10 awesome meal in Wilson, try Subs+. Since I moved from Wilson to Durham, that's the place I miss most!

  • Dreamin of Disney World May 1, 2008

    Bravo gbullock!! I've never seen so many whiners go on about something that is helpful. If don't want to try these places don't. There is a BIG difference between good and cheap, and just plain cheap. Cosmic Cantina is great and cheap. I've enjoyed this series and personally have found it helpful, because our family enjoys trying new places while we're out.

  • br549znc May 1, 2008

    There are many places you can eat for under $10. This is a waste of "news".

  • gbullock May 1, 2008

    i'll be glad when this series ends for the simple fact that all you cheapo tight wads can stop griping. 10 bucks is cheap for a good meal. i'm pretty sure that everybody knows about the fast food dollar menus. that is not what i call good. cheap yes,good no. some people want somethig a little more quality than that from time to time. if you dont, go eat your pb&j out of your brown paper bag and shut up!