Day 2 of Cheap Eats: Cary, Carrboro, Raleigh

Posted April 29, 2008

On Monday, WRAL Reporter Kim Dean sought out some of the best local meals under $10. viewers also recommended their favorite cheap eats.

On Tuesday, Dean featured great meals that don’t break the bank in Cary, Carrboro and Raleigh.

A fun atmosphere and great prices are promised at Gypsy's Shiny Diner in Cary. Most of the menu items are under $10, and that's important to Owner Tony Gilliam.

Prices on milk and eggs continue to rise, but so far, Gilliam said he hasn’t raised menu prices. He still has daily homemade blue plate specials.

“You can have a meat and two vegetables with your drink, under $10,” he said.

Ordering country style steak, string beans, black-eyed peas and a drink, including tax, is $9.13.

Dean’s next stop was at Elmo’s Diner in Carrboro. Managers there say they are really feeling the pinch with rising food costs. Still, they know their customers are looking for a deal.

Dean ordered an Elmo’s Diner favorite – a Greek grilled cheese loaded with American and feta cheeses, tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce. A grilled cheese, drink and tax came to $9.08.

Some viewers recommended The Farmhouse in Raleigh – a favorite of N.C. State University students. Managers say they have to keep prices down to accommodate a college kid's budget.

The Farmhouse is known for its pizzas, cheese steaks and prices. Dean ordered a sandwich and a drink, with tax, for $7.85.

Tune in Wednesday to the WRAL Morning News at 6 as Dean debuts more affordable fare. She finds traditional Vietnamese food, a Mediterranean dish and a loaded burger – each under $10.


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  • matr1x2004 Apr 29, 2008

    A place i like to visit is Caribbean Cafe on Millbrook Rd next to autoquest. I like it because its homestyle food with good seasoning. They are on the cheap with most plates under 10 and a lunch special of 6.50. You can get rice, plantains, and steak. I dont think you can beat that.

  • zosoash Apr 29, 2008

    My favorite cheap places to eat out are:
    Los Tres Magueyes in wake forest on wake union church road - I have eaten there about 1 time a month since they opened six or seven years ago. I have NEVER once had a bad meal or bad service and their prices are very good.
    Lunch Fahitas are 5.75 I *believe*

    I used to love Gumby's for a cheap meal - but they were closed down for their sanitation - scary because I ate there like a billion times but never got sick or anything.

    The farmhouse is a killer place to get cheap GOOD food. They used to have a Munchie Madness (or somthing similiar) platter with fries, mozzeralla sticks, chicken fingers and buffalo wings with all the dipping sauces for just 5.99!!!!!!!
    I assume they still have it - I haven't eaten there in some times!

  • bushretard Apr 29, 2008

    Tell Kim Dean that when she tires of "cheap eats", I will be more than happy to treat her to a fine meal at Sullivans's, 42st St, or Cafe Parizade.

  • stlrfnatc73 Apr 29, 2008

    Cheap eats for my family is using coupons. My husband and I can go to Crazy Fire with "buy one lunch buffet and get the second free" and our total bill (if we get drinks) around $15.00 (tip included). Always check the coupon ads that come in the mail. They have great value, especially Arby's or Taco Bell and even some of the fine dining, but you won't get that under ten. I don't recommend buying the BIG coupon book. While you may get your money back in coupons you still have wasted a lot of coupons. Also around Halloween you can go to three (that I know of) and get a 10 coupon book for $1.00. One year we did Burger King (cheeseburger), MickeeD's (small frie) and Wendy's (small frosty). Now we live right off Glenwood Ave past Lynn Rd., so when coming home those three restaurants are very close distance and not much gas wasted their. For a family of three, you can get three good meals or if you have a teenage son, two meals for mom and 4 meals for husband and son.


  • scottnc Apr 29, 2008

    Here is definatly one cheap eat
    We just ate at Roy's Italian and American restaurant in Dunn
    3 of us ate a steak and cheese calzone. The largest calzone ive ever seen. The calzone was $7.59 and total with drinks was 11.16
    $11.16 for 3 people and it filled us up!

  • dougdeep Apr 29, 2008

    Kind of a lame article. Why didn't you just list Wendy's, McDonald's, and Hardee's?

  • Joe Blow Apr 29, 2008

    Aniaml Lover- Do you have any negative feelings about the Garner El Dorado? Just curious b/c I ate there this past Friday! (: I was very pleased with the quality of food and especially the price! There Sani was 90.0.. could have been better but hey you can't get all 3 sometimes (: (Food, $, Sani)

  • CestLaVie Apr 29, 2008

    watch out: El Dorado is locally-owned; I used to know the manager at the Garner restaurant. Or at least it was in the past-if that's changed, I don't know it. They are a great restaurant with low prices & many different locations.

    "Cheap eats" for me is to bring my lunch & eat in - saves on gas too!! We hardly eat dinner out anymore either - used to eat out 2-3 times a week. If we do now, we share an entree & salad.

    These high gas & food prices are trimming more than our wallets-may help America's obesity problems too. For a LONG time now, I've felt serving sizes were way too big-give me half the amount for half the price. Yeh-right!

    When I can't stand it any longer & have to have something different, I go to 1010 Chinese on Western Blvd. ($7-8 including drink for a buffet) or to another little best-kept secret in Raleigh: Red Dragon at Oberlin & Fairview. It's very small there though so unless you can eat lunch early (11:30) or late, you may have to wait for a table.

  • volvoman Apr 29, 2008

    Since when is $10.00 a cheap lunch????

  • watch out here i come Apr 29, 2008

    Bandito's and El Dorado are Good places in the Raleigh/Durham area. Reasonable prices for Lunch and Dinner. Bandito's is a Local Chain and I think El Dorado is a National Chain. Get enough Food for the Price. Have been during Times between Jobs when I lived in Durham and always got enough Food for the price. Both of these also have Good Salsa for the Chips too.