Dozens March to Legislature in Support of Charter Schools

Posted May 2, 2007

— Students and parents from Hope Elementary School marched Wednesday to the state Legislature to raise awareness of issues involving charter schools.

Supporters want lawmakers to lift the cap on charter schools so they can establish more schools across the state. They said it is a matter of choice that also eases overcrowding issues, but some education leaders said charter schools take much-needed public money.

"For every school a charter school builds, it means the taxpayers don't have to pay for one for the traditional school system," said Philip Adkins, of the N.C. Charter School League.

"If it were lifted to say double digit what it is now or anything of a significant amount, I think we would possibly see it having impact on the amount of dollars that are coming out of the traditional public schools," said Sherri Strickland, of the North Carolina Association of Educators.

Groups must receive state approval to start a charter school. Right now, the cap stands at 100 statewide. Efforts to lift it have failed in the past.


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  • just saying May 3, 2007

    Why do we need these schools? Can they prove they are any better than the others?

    Most public schools just move the kids along, the kids learn little or nothing. Less then 15% of any graduation class can go on an attend a four year collage. The worst thing that has happened was the centralization of our schools. It has created a bureaucracy so big it’s out of control.

  • mslisac363 May 3, 2007

    Why do we need these schools? Can they prove they are any better than the others? I'm still sick of people marching. Send letters!

  • madth May 2, 2007

    the ncae,wake county school board members are flat out lying when they use the argument that charter schools take money from the school system.

  • cubed32696 May 2, 2007

    Charter school GET public money.

  • Spaceman Spiff May 2, 2007

    The average teacher salary in NC is around $44k. Wake County is about $47-48k.

    Here's a link for the salary schedule in Wake.

    This doesn't include the bonuses for ABCs or National Board Certification teachers can receive as well.

    Also, don't forget this is the pay for 10 months or about 39 weeks.

  • CherryDarling May 2, 2007

    The FEW making 50k - 70k are a breath away from retirement...

  • thewayitis May 2, 2007

    If public schools were doing their jobs, they wouldn't have anything to fear from Charter schools. Charter schools don't get nearly the funding of public schools -- they just get the same dollar amount per student, but no funding for buildings, etc. So they actually save taxpayers money. And they are not taking money away from the public schools, because the public schools don't have to teach those students. I believe that having more charter schools would solve some of the overcrowding issues in the Wake County Schools and save money, too.

  • nccruzer May 2, 2007

    Speaking of the money taxpayers have to pay for public schools, has anyone else seen the WRAL report on how much teachers in wake co are making? ( According to that report most of the teachers are making around $50,000 to $70,000. I'm think that's great, but I was under the impression that teachers weren't paid squat, more like 20K or something. Does anybody have any insight, is this information right?

  • At Work May 2, 2007

    ok where is the police to brake this march up? No injurys, no cops whats the difference? Was it because it was in lapd.