Family Suffers Setback in Wake Reassignment Battle

Posted February 14, 2007

— A family suing the Wake County School System over reassignment has another setback.

School leaders decided Brittany and Amber Bailey cannot attend the same high school.

A judge ruled it was not clear if school board members considered the best interests of the teens when making the decision, so the family was awarded another hearing.  However, the appeal was denied again by the school board.

The Baileys said the change could prevent Brittany from attending an early morning religious class because she relies on her sister for transportation.

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  • crash Feb 15, 2007

    What's the big deal? Let the girl and her sister go to the same high school. Kids should go to the school closest to their homes. You should not have a family of kids being spread out and seperated and attending different schools that is wrong.
    Oh yeah...It is not a lie that teacher's are over worked and under paid. My mother was a teacher for 35 years. She put up with a lot of crap that teachers should not have to deal with. Misbehaved kids and misbehaved parents. At times the administration had no back bone to help enforce rules or back up their teachers. I feel bad for them. Kids go to school and cuss out teachers, threaten them, vandilize their stuff, and then you have parents who are just as out of control as kids and you wonder why we have a shortage of teachers in america. Hello, will someone please wake up.

  • kat Feb 15, 2007

    nthomas, that was a weird post. Nonsensical dribble.

  • oceanchild71 Feb 14, 2007

    Most teachers are overworked. True, some don't put in the hours that others do, but those that I worked with were totally dedicated. Many of us would take a sick day just to catch up on grading since most of our workdays would be taken up with workshops and we would have at least 4 school-wide meetings a month. This was in addition to serving on committees (all met after school), attending parent/teacher conferences, and doing after school tutoring for those few students so inclined. I was putting in easily 55+hours per week plus close to a 2-hour round trip commute each day. I tried to switch to a school closer to our home, but WCPSS's dirty little secret is they don't like for teachers to transfer. Out of 70+ teachers from one school, only 5 got transfers. So, I quit. It was not worth it. Since quitting, my health has improved greatly as well as my stress levels. Of course, this myr has them raised again!!!

  • ty will belabor a point Feb 14, 2007

    two words: school choice. Vouchers/Tax Reprieve if you want to go Private. Lord knows, I detest government. What ever happened to: He who governs least, governs best? Of course, all the idiots safely tenured in the Public School system and those among us who have bought the: Teachers are overworked and underpaid lie will disagree. But with choice, we wouldn't have "Bond" issues every quarter and schools would have to get lean and mean. Lots of fat cats (the entire Wake County Department of Education looks like a "before" Subway commercial) would be out of work.

  • tarheel1980 Feb 14, 2007

    I 100% agree with the right of every child to attend the school closest to their home. I think we are ignoring the larger problem with the attitude of the school system by trying to fix this with exceptions. Let's fix the problem and get every child going to the school closest to home.

  • cherokee43v6 Feb 14, 2007

    One thing I always remember about the Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education case...

    The Family sued for the right for their Daughter to attend the school CLOSEST to her home.

  • vitameatavegamin Feb 14, 2007

    Y'all seriously need to vote out the current school board and get new representatives...they obviously are not representing their constituents...I grew up in Wake County...went to 8 schools in 12 years. My kids are going to Johnston County schools and they've never been switched to another school and are with kids that they knew in kindergarten. Wouldn't send them to Wake County schools for anything.

  • tarheel1980 Feb 14, 2007

    It seems like the simplest solution could have been achieved months ago. The religious class in the morning that the daughters attend is apparently more important than which school they attend. I am sure that the school system would have been more than willing for the older sister to move to the new school with her sister. Remember that she was excused from the move because of her grade in school. To me, it seems like the religious school is just an excuse to manipulate the system.

  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 14, 2007

    pdwigington - "Please give me a break. Can't go to school because of a religous service? That is totally lame."
    And WHY would that be? Back in my day, children were often let out early to attend a special religious service and they were never asked to attend school on Sundays. So I don't understand your message but am praying for ya anyway.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB

  • rduhag Feb 14, 2007

    All I can say is that someone on the school board needs to stand up for what is right and change the ruling on this one..