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Lenoir County teens killed in Georgia I-95 wreck

Posted July 7, 2010

— Two Lenoir County teens were killed Tuesday when their family car flipped on Interstate 95 in southern Georgia, authorities said.

The Humphrey family from Deep Run was southbound on I-95, about 14 miles from the Florida border, at about 4:30 p.m. when the rear tire on the driver's side blew out, causing Claude Humphrey to lose control of the vehicle, authorities said. The vehicle ran off the highway, overturned in a ditch and hit a tree.

Katlyn Humphrey, 15, and Taylor Humphrey, 18, died in the wreck. Authorities said they weren't wearing seat belts and were thrown from the vehicle.

Claude Humphrey, 51, and Carly Humphrey, 12, were taken to Shands Medical Center in Jacksonville, Fla., where they were treated and released. Beverly Humphrey, 48, was taken to Southeast Georgia Regional Medical Center in Kingsland, Ga., where she was treated and released.


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  • vrigg45071 Jul 7, 2010

    Whatever the reasons the girls weren't wearing the seatbelts, NOBODY deserves the grief this family now has. I do not, nor will I ever understand some of the heartless posts I find on here. What is with some people? Were they never taught human decency? So sad.

  • sneeziegal Jul 7, 2010

    La_Grange_Dude: These weren't little kids, these were teenagers, one 15 and one 18 (grown) so your argument about kids being kids is not valid. And I mentioned money only because as the breadwinners, parents should expect that children will be mindful of the rules of the household (and in this case, the car) or if they don't like it move out on their own. Then they can drive around without their seatbelts all they want.

  • Tenderhardt Jul 7, 2010

    Sometimes you can do everything right and it still comes out wrong. In 1989 I was involved in an accident where the other driver was killed (wearing a seatbelt)after her tire blew out. I barely survived as did my son and her daughter, both of whom were in seatbelts as well. I recall my son kept getting out of his and I kept stopping to put him back in it. So glad I did! We never know how many days we have on Earth with the ones we love. My heart goes out to this family who lost so much in the blink of an eye. No finger pointing...no finding fault...this family grieves!

  • lizard Jul 7, 2010

    Everyone fasten your seatbelts and applaud everytime you drive thru a seatbelt checkpoint of the road. Enforcement is key sometimes in changing behavior.

  • jet9192 Jul 7, 2010

    Some people that post on this site must be completely heartless. I cannot imagine the loss these parents must be feeling at this time. I lost my brother in 1976 before seat belt laws were passed. My parents were never the same afterward. The grief they went through I wouldn't wish on anyone. Not to mention the grief I went through from losing my only sibling. Praying for this family. I feel nothing but sadness and deep compassion for all involved. None of us know the circumstances surrounding this accident and this horrific loss. I only hope the ones that are posting these cold hearted comments never have to go through something like this. We are losing far too many of our teens to highway accidents.

  • nclifeisgood Jul 7, 2010

    Everyone should stop right now & hug & kiss their children! my thoughts & prayers are with this family.

  • See Chart Jul 7, 2010

    Very sad this just shows us once again how life can change
    in just one second ,in such a drastic way.

  • La_Grange_Dude Jul 7, 2010

    Wow, this is a tough crowd here at golo.

  • twc Jul 7, 2010

    Hard to feel sad because they weren't wearing seat belts??????

    This family has just lost two precious children and you don't feel sadness??

    You've just lost my respect for any of your opinions!

  • SweetB Jul 7, 2010

    So sad for this family's loss!!! xoxo