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Lejeune Marines may be headed to Libya

Posted March 1, 2011

— Camp Lejeune Marines might be heading to Libya, U.S. Department of Defense officials said Tuesday, as violent anti-government demonstrations continue in the Middle Eastern nation.

"As part of our contingency planning to provide the president flexibility on a full range of options regarding Libya, we are repositioning forces in the region," said Marines spokesman Maj. Carl Redding. "We will not speculate about possible missions or provide more detail about movement of forces."

Marines from the 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, II Marine Expeditionary Force stationed at Camp Lejeune have been ordered to join troops assigned to Navy assault ships the USS Kearsarge and USS Ponce, a defense department spokeswoman said. 


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  • TheDude abides... Mar 2, 2011

    You need to understand that this is how the dollar dies!!!

    We agreed with the ME to buy their old and NOT produce our own in EXCHANGE for them using 10% of oil profits to buy our T-bills.

    When the EXTREMELY high price of oil causes the dollar to become absolutely worthless, we will BEG for relief.

  • bullcity01 Mar 2, 2011

    These fine Marines are already worn thin from fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. We don't need to be sending them in another situation that's not our problem. This will just let the pro-government forces in Libya label the US as invaders, but I guess it's too late for that.

  • bartmann55 Mar 2, 2011

    Ooh Rah Gadhafi is a mad man.

  • intouchdb Mar 2, 2011

    Why are we well the USA so quick to tell some other country what they need to do. We have major issues here unemployment vet's and others who are homeless. Oh and GAS prices plus crime has gone up. Take care of home first. Hasn't enough people died fighten someone else battles!

  • 27615 Mar 2, 2011

    We have no business going over there!!! We have huge financial problems over here but the government has no problem spending tons of money to interfere in foreign affairs

  • DangYankee Mar 2, 2011

    @retiredcfcc: In complete agreement! Let them kill each other off. No more money OR the lives of our military personnel!

    They'll just blame it on the U.S. and Israel anyway...

  • TheDude abides... Mar 2, 2011

    Not for Libya. Just pretext.

    Wait for Saudi Arabia to explode on the 11th (a declared day of rage). That is why the DOD and State Dept. is so antsy.

    Can you imagine the gas prices?
    When the price of oil gets over $175 (and this will do it) what options will we have? Buy it from the ME at high prices or pump it from ANWR and the like for far cheaper..and still sell it for $7.00 per gallon. By then, this will feel like relief.

    Anybody wanna take bets?

  • the12be Mar 2, 2011

    Semper Fi

  • Worland Mar 2, 2011

    History repeats itself. Even in the 21st century, our Navy is fighting pirates, and our Marines are headed back to Tripoli.

  • retiredcfcc Mar 2, 2011

    We are "NOT" the world's Police force. Let them take care of their own problems. Our own goverment should OK drilling for new oil,not trying to protect Libya's oil. That's the interest in Libya.We are streched pretty thin now, with Irag,Afganistan and other places around the world. NO more money needs to be spend on this mess.