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Lejeune Marine killed in Afghanistan

Posted December 23, 2010

— A Camp Lejeune-based Marine was killed in combat in Afghanistan Tuesday, the military announced Thursday.

Lance Cpl. William H. Crouse IV, 22, of Woodruff, S.C., died in the Helmand province.

He served with the 1st Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force.


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  • Eduardo1 Dec 24, 2010

    godnessga. Do the Democrats have any blood on their hands. Almost 500 this year alone, (out 0f the 1442) have been killed, with the Dems in full control of Congress and the administration. Take of your eye patch, your earmuff and see who is responsible. Also note that the Congress has been a Democrat one for the past four(4) years. Why do they keep on funding this senseless war??? As an INDEPENDENT, I do not cut either party any slack. tELL ME, GODNESS... do you feel any more secure because the BRAVE young HEROES have sacrificed their lives?? Christ-the-reason, who are you to say what I may write on this NEWS blog. I honor these brave young men, but this is NOT a memoriam page. I feel deeply for the families & friends of these fallen heroes. May they all find favor at the Lords house. RIP

  • rickardcv Dec 24, 2010

    Deepest respect and prayers to you and your family, know that you rest now with the thousands of those that went before you as you have served your country and your family. Freedom doesn't come free, it is terrible that the cost is as great, it robs the family and country of its brave young men.

  • RB-1 Dec 23, 2010

    Jasw -

    Godnessgracious' comment wasn't there when I first posted. It took a long time for my post to show up.

    And thanks for posting another comment that took the attention off the dead soldier in this story.

  • RB-1 Dec 23, 2010

    godnessgracious -

    Please don't encourage Eduardo to further disrespect.

    I swear, some people would urinate on a dead soldier, just to get their OWN opinions heard.

  • godnessgracious Dec 23, 2010

    You have a phony complaint, Thought you should know.


  • flapy Dec 23, 2010

    Christ-the Reason for MY Season; why was your comment directed at eduardo and not a godness? Your comment was biased

  • godnessgracious Dec 23, 2010

    I have FULL RESPECT for those who have been sent in this senseless war by the Czar.

    You mean George W. Bush right? Obama only continues because of fear of seeming soft on terror. A fear caused by right wing lunacy. Sort of like how the democrats couldn't seem soft on Communism, again caused by right wing lunacy. End this war now and forever. Lets not police the world, lets not prop up brutal dictators in other countries. Who is with me? I know Ron Paul is.

  • Eduardo1 Dec 23, 2010

    Please do not feel that you are the monitor for what I write. As soon as you see my name go right over it. This is not STRICTLY a place for a memorian. These blogs are for items of NEWS!
    I have a choice to read your comments as you have a choice to read mine.

    I have FULL RESPECT for those who have been sent in this senseless war by the Czar. I feel deeply for the loss of their families and friends, but I will not play patty-cake that although they go to far away shores in the NAME of security, I would challenge you and any other blogger to say that you feel more secure with every body bag that comes in to Dover AFB. Where is the Commander in chief, on vacation, instead of consoling the families of these brave young heroes.

    May Lance Corporal Crouse IV find eternal peace and may his family find some comfort that he died for his country

  • Worland Dec 23, 2010

    This is a news web site. If you wish to post your condolences or respect to his family, there are several web sites dedicated solely to that purpose. Google.

    We take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. With that, comes the First Amendment. While you may not agree with something someone says, they have the right to say it. We protect that right with our lives. Me thinks some have forgotten that.

  • Worland Dec 23, 2010

    Lance Cpl. William H. Crouse IV, the 495 American killed in Afghanistan this year. The 1442 killed in the Afghan war so far. He was killed just six weeks into his first tour in Afghanistan. More than 40 Marines have been killed in Helmand since October.