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Lee County lifts concealed weapons ban in public buildings

Posted October 8, 2014

— New gun rules are coming to Lee County after county leaders voted 4-3 this week to lift a ban on bringing concealed handguns into county buildings.

The measure, approved Monday by the Board of Commissioners, applies to those with valid permits.

Weapons, however, won't be allowed in schools, courthouses, law enforcement agencies or any building also housing state or federal offices.

The change goes into effect Jan. 1.

Monday's move makes Lee County the fifth in the state with such an ordinance. Alamance, Cherokee, Henderson and Rowan counties have similar.

Lee County Commission Chairman Charlie Parks said there were several reasons for relaxing the ordinance, including putting the county in alignment with a state law passed in 2013 that allows local governments to make such decisions.

Another reason for the ordinance, Parks said, is to "have another layer of security," because people already bring concealed weapons into government buildings, despite signs on doors that prohibit them.

"We've already had reports of that – about people who don't have permits and are actually illegal in what they're doing," Parks said. "What the signs do – they just tell the criminal that it's a target-rich environment, where they have the ability to utilize their weapons if they want to."


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  • disgusted2010 Oct 9, 2014

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    Or as bad as the liberals who have turned mental patients out on society. Or as bad as the liberals who try to deny people their constitutional rights. Or as bad as the liberals who are constantly "in your face" about some insane issue or another (that most honest citizens have no opinion about or really don't care about). Look at yourself in the mirror when you call other people names.

  • scvmcdoc Oct 9, 2014

    I kid you not, that's literally his argument!.....LIGHTFOOT3

    I totally understand and I also see that no instances have been shown.
    What I do not understand is that our 2nd Amendment has been around for well over 200 years and yet a person who is so anti-gun would choose to leave the safety of Scotland with it's strict gun laws and immigrate to the American Wild-Wild West, and then argue that we need to change our laws to accommodate their feelings. I'm very sure the 2nd Amendment had been ratified prior to their choosing to immigrate.

  • glarg Oct 9, 2014

    Check you facts- the number of guns in the country has tripped but the murder rate has fallen dramatically.

  • Lightfoot3 Oct 9, 2014

    "I challenge Hans and Grand to show me one instance in the last year in NC where any legal conceal carry permit holder has "shot up" anywhere" or been involved in any "shoot outs"." - scvmcdoc

    You're talking about people that are RELIGIOUSLY anti-gun, thus you won't get any rational argument or facts from them. Grand Union is on record as saying no one has ever stopped a murder with a gun, because you don't know if the next person(s) that were shot or stabbed would have died. I kid you not, that's literally his argument!

    "I think anyone who feels that he needs to carry a weapon, when out in public, has a mental condition" - I know some stuff

    It's not a need, but a desire. And given the thousands that legally defend themselves every year from criminals, it seems to be a rational decision.

  • Tom Smith Oct 9, 2014
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    excellent argument!!!!
    except for a couple of pesky facts. like the murder rate has dropped, year after year. oh and that I would like to see an incident where a little spat turned into a homicide because of the introduction of a gun. and fyi. murder rates are probably the most accurate statistics out there. you can manipulate many other crime stats, but not a murder stat. here's a dead body. its either a murder or not. dude, seriously. you truly and really need to give up the goat. gun ownership is a right which requires an ID..... ooops, there goes your voter id argument too. don't attack the gun owners if you don't like it. attack the amendment and try and change it.

  • scvmcdoc Oct 9, 2014

    I challenge Hans and Grand to show me one instance in the last year in NC where any legal conceal carry permit holder has "shot up" anywhere" or been involved in any "shoot outs". I'm sure there are plenty examples since you were so sure this was going to happen as soon as the law changed to allow permit holders to carry in establishments that served alcohol. You were also sure there were going to be mass shootings on every college campus because permit holders could have their weapons secured in their locked vehicles while on campus. Many of us will be awaiting your replies if this post is allowed.............

  • Maurice Pentico Jr. Oct 9, 2014
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    And you have a problem with this? LOL.
    What I do with my money is in fact my right....

    Fact is... each time there is a mass shooting... which is a very very very rare event... Democrats lead the way to tighter gun controls that do little or NOTHING to actually prevent such violence.... but instead suppresses the rights of law abiding citizens. Sound familiar? LOL? Oh, and Democrats want your money too.

  • Doug Hanthorn Oct 9, 2014
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    Charlie Parks is not too bright evidently. He thinks that making this decision brings it inline with a state law that allows them to make the decision? Say what? They already had made the decision by banning them, so they were already in compliance with the state law that allows them to make this decision. The rest of his comments are laughable. They already had reports of people without permits bringing concealed guns into county buildings and his solution is not to arrest these people but to allow more concealed guns into the county buildings. Wow. Another layer of securityl. Uh huh. Yahoos with guns. Great.

  • A cold, hard dose of Hans Oct 9, 2014

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    These stories are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gun-toters. For every person that considers themselves a "responsible" gun carrier, there are dozens of yahoos like the ones you described.

  • miseem Oct 9, 2014

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    And where are the guns in Chicago coming from? Other areas with lax gun laws. Grand Union is on target (pun intended) with this comment. Gun and ammo companies, through their lobbyist, the NRA, stoke fear by claiming the government is getting ready to knock on your door and forcibly take your guns, so you'd better give us money and buy, buy, buy our product. Besides, if you have a whole lot of big guns, you are automatically more macho. Add a jacked up pick up truck with huge tires that you never take off road and you've got it made.