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Lawyers update status of Cooper case

Posted August 27, 2009

— Prosecutors have turned over evidence against a Cary man charged with the July 2008 slaying of his wife.

At a status hearing Thursday, Wake County Assistant District Attorney Howard Cummings said his office has given computer hard drives and a Blackberry to attorneys representing Brad Cooper.

Cooper is charged with murder in the death of his wife, Nancy Cooper. She was found dead July 13, 2008, in an undeveloped subdivision several miles from the couple's Cary home.

Brad Cooper's attorneys asked in June for the evidence so that they could analyze how it affects their case.

A date for Brad Cooper's trial has yet to be set.


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  • OneSheep Aug 27, 2009

    Oh ... one more comment:

    Brad is being kept in jail because Judge Stephens rightfully decided that Brad (a) *is* a flight risk, and (b) did NOT cooperate with police or, in Brad's own words, "help police with the investigation."

  • OneSheep Aug 27, 2009

    Good grief! Half of you have not even bothered to read ALL the info about this case! All I hear is screams of "Poor Brad" and "fair and speedy trial" and (the one I really detest) WRAL'S misleading report, "Brad loses custody" of his kids. He did NOT lose custody! He CONSENTED to let Nancy's family have custody of the girls FOR NOW. He can get them back if he is acquitted or found not guilty. His court-appointed attorney asked for a second court-appointed attorney (our TAX DOLLARS at work!) and asked for the continuances, and asked for Brad to have computer access in jail (but only during his visits with his attorneys, so that Brad can help go over the case info to help build his defense. THIS TAKES TIME. But THINK. This is ALL to Brad's advantage: the more time goes by, the better jury he'll get to decide his fate. Brad will get his day in court, when his attorney says the time is right. Until then, READ *all* the info, WRITE *informed* comments, and RELAX. Justice WILL prevail!

  • squid90 Aug 27, 2009

    Sorry, UNCW, if the law considers a person innocent until proven guilty, I would not want to be in jail for years because some prosecutors or lawyers of mine want to take their time looking at evidence. Does not someone kept in jail make them look guilty? It would be like wearing your prison outfit tot he trial. Guilty by what clothes one wears. Why should it take 2 months for a defense request to be filled by the prosecution? What are they doing, taking naps? It is not hard to turn over evidence now is it.

    Fair and speedy...it;s simple and it is in our constitution.

  • uncw05 Aug 27, 2009

    chfdcpt - If you pay attention to cases like this often, speedy is a relative thing. His lawyers probably wouldn't want to go to court too soon anyway, they need time to go over evidence and build their case just like the prosecutor does.

  • chfdcpt Aug 27, 2009

    Whatever happened to the Constitutional issue of a fair and speedy trial?

    Oops, I forgot. About 98% of the folks that blog about this case all said that he was guilty before anyone got to see any of the evidence.

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Aug 27, 2009

    Wow! I didn't realize that this didn't even have a trial date set yet?