LaRoque: My prosecution was 'a witch hunt'

Posted August 16, 2015

— Days before he begins serving a two-year prison sentence for misdirecting federal funds, former state Rep. Stephen LaRoque said Sunday that he was the target of a “witch hunt” by adversaries who sought to criminalize him.

“This whole prosecution has been a witch hunt carried on by my political opponents,” the Republican wrote in a five-page statement. “As a political activist and also as a member of the NC House of Representatives, I had a reputation of being outspoken and an advocate for those who felt like they didn't have a voice.”

LaRoque emailed the statement directly to news organizations Sunday without going through an attorney because he said he no longer employs the firm that oversaw his case. In the email, he said he must report to federal prison in Butner by noon Tuesday.

LaRoque pleaded guilty in January to a charge of aiding and abetting theft concerning programs receiving federal funds. Prosecutors said he took $150,000 from a U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded nonprofit created to provide loans to small rural businesses.

According to a 2012 indictment, he funneled the money through his management company and used it for such things as investing in an ice skating rink in Greenville and buying rental property in Kinston. He resigned his House seat that year under pressure from the indictment.

A federal jury convicted him in 2013 of four counts each of misuse of funds, money laundering and fraud, but a judge later threw out the verdicts after it was learned that a juror conducted outside research in the case.

LaRoque maintained his innocence throughout, arguing that the loans from the USDA to the nonprofits he directed were more like advances on money owed to him by the nonprofits and that the boards of the two organizations approved his actions. He also challenged the authority of the grand jury that indicted him.

Weeks before his retrial was set to begin in Greenville, however, he pleaded guilty in January as part of a deal to get the rest of the case against him dismissed.

In his statement Sunday, LaRoque reiterated that he was owed $150,000 in deferred salary, loaned himself the money and paid it back when he received an inheritance distribution from his mother, who had passed away.

“Unfortunately, in the meantime, I became engaged in a legal battle with a political rival, and the rival used my operation of (the nonprofit) to smear me,” he said. “I cooperated fully with the investigation, believing that, since I only took money owed to me, that I had committed no crime.”

LaRoque also said that while the first case ended, he believes he “may have been acquitted if it were not for jury misconduct.”

He said in accepting a plea offer, he agreed that taking a loan “technically violated” the bylaws of the nonprofit.

“I received substantial decreases in the sentence guideline range due to many government concessions, and the judge ultimately sentenced me to the lowest sentence in that already reduced guideline range reflecting, I submit, that after hearing the first trial, the judge did not believe that my conduct was particularly bad or harmful,” LaRoque said.

In his missive, LaRoque also touted his political efforts, including a push for nonpartisan elections in Kinston in 2008 that resulted in court battle with the U.S. Department of Justice. He also said he was targeted by the North Carolina NAACP, the prosecutor in the case and an IRS agent involved in the investigation.


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  • Ty Rammstein Aug 17, 2015
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    so typical ..it is not my fault. i broke the law but they made me do it..i am the victim..no sense of right or wrong. no responsibility..arrogance and lies.

  • Mike Morgan Aug 17, 2015
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    Watch me now as I lie out of both sides of my mouth!

  • Robert Richardson Aug 17, 2015
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    Oh please, this had nothing to do with his comments and everything to do with him committing a crime. Nice attempt at redirecting the issue though.

  • Jack Harris Aug 17, 2015
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    If he really believed that it was a witch hunt he should not have PLEADED Guilty.!

  • Greg Dail Aug 17, 2015
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    The problem is Mr. LaRoque called the Rev. William Barber a racist (and justifiably so in my opinion). As Barber is the point man for all the organized leftist hate groups in North Carolina this could not go unpunished.
    Tell you what, let's see an investigation into the finances of say Billy Barber or ActBlue. I know, like THAT'S going to happen!

  • Charlie Watkins Aug 17, 2015
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    President Obama wants to reduce the prison population and recently released 46 crack cocaine dealers.

    I do not see that Laroque is more dangerous than a crack dealer. It would save money to have people like Laroque on probation and working to repay their debt.

    How many drug related deaths are there in this country each year? If crack dealers are going free then we need to let a lot of others out too.

  • Roy Whaley Aug 16, 2015
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    Son of a "witch" is more appropriate.

  • Britton Allen Aug 16, 2015
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    this one isn't about Democrat or Republican we've had corrupt Dems who went to jail too. This was a corrupt politician who needs to be in jail. All the Republicans would agree, he was a joke.

  • Karen Phillips Aug 16, 2015
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    Step up to the plate and accept responsibility for your actions LaRoque instead of making excuses. Typical Greedy Politician!