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Lake Wheeler beach reopens in time for weekend

Posted September 17, 2009

— Water quality in Lake Wheeler in Raleigh has returned to normal levels, the city reported Thursday. Wake County Environmental Services closed the beach to recreational activities last week due to elevated levels of bacteria in the water.

The beach has been closed for several days each week since the beginning of August. Each time, it has reopened after subsequent tests.

The city always prohibits swimming at Lake Wheeler, but allows kayaking,  sailboating and windsurfing. 


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  • jgilchr Sep 18, 2009

    Have fun swimming in that stool pool.

  • SkepticalGirl Sep 18, 2009

    BeenHereSince67 - I was born here in 1960, and grandmother's homeplace backed up to Lake Wheeler. You're right about the changes. The influx of people living too close to the lake is ruining it, and the rich people who have moved in there do want it for their own little private pond. I'm glad I moved away from there.

  • time4real Sep 18, 2009

    it's Friday, time to close it again!

  • dogsrule12cheek Sep 18, 2009

    U couldn't pay me to go there, next week like someone else said it will be closed summer is over for the most part just close the place down for the winter.

  • Wild and Crazy Guy Sep 18, 2009

    What I think is funny... WRAL can almost (they actually might) keep the same story in queue so all they have to do is post it on the website. Seems this is an ongoing headline... "Lake Wheeler beach reopens in time for weekend." Didn't I just read that like last week or maybe it was the previous week. Or maybe the week before that...

  • BeenHereSince67 Sep 17, 2009

    I lived with 1/2 mile of Lake Wheeler from 1981 until 2000. In all that time, I also owned a boat. I have watched as Lake Wheeler has gone from an almost undeveloped out-of-the city destination for boaters, to a city park on one side of the lake and on the south side, a backyard for some of Wake Counties richest, most uppity people. As soon as development started when several large family farms were sold in the early 80s, the new, rich, neighbors began acting like they owned the place, and have tried hard to shut down boating altogether if it used a gasoline motor. Several past studies have shown NO pollution from boating. Now, the new Wake County Water Treatment plant located near Lake Benson, into which Wheeler drains, will soon be producing water from the two lakes. You can expect there will be a new assault on your right to operate a boat at Wheeler. Water from Wheeler/Benson was used by the old Raleigh Water Plant through the 50s, 60s, and 70s. No problem then, none now!

  • time4real Sep 17, 2009

    you can't even stand down on the roadway and be safe! the fumes alone will get ya'!

  • tarheelskier Sep 17, 2009

    So you cannot even swim in Lake Wheeler and the bacteria level was high enough to keep people out of boats ON the water not IN the water? Gross.

  • AMHall82 Sep 17, 2009

    Is it strange to anyone else that during the week it has bacteria levels too high for them to allow people to use it; but always by the weekend, it's cleared up? Seems strange to me!

  • time4real Sep 17, 2009

    and to close again next week!