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La Grange couple charged in Carteret road rage incident

Posted March 25, 2013
Updated March 26, 2013

— A man and woman from La Grange were charged Monday afternoon in connection with a violent road rage incident that happened Sunday afternoon off U.S. Highway 70 in Carteret County. 

According to investigators, Bradley Russell Turner fired several shots into a pickup truck after he was beaten by two men about 1 p.m. Video released by investigators showed Russell asking the driver of a pickup truck why he ran him off the road before the pickup truck driver and his passenger threw him to the ground. 

Christy Marie Turner provided Bradley Turner with the gun from inside the SUV during the altercation. 

No one was seriously injured in the incident. 

Bradley Turner, of 3432 Institute Road, is charged with discharging a weapon into occupied property, two counts of assault by pointing a gun, assault and battery, going armed to the terror of the public and injury to personal property.  He received a $37,500 bond. 

Christy Marie Turner, also of Institute Road, was charged with two counts of assault by pointing a gun. She received a $1,000 bond. No other information was immediately available.


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  • heelsgirl05 Mar 27, 2013

    this is why you don't approach people in cars, no matter what they did to tick you off. They could have been armed and he wouldn't have been able to do a thing about it. Serves this guy right to get his rear end kicked. Even if these kids were not driving responsibly, they had every right to defend themselves.

  • bohica2 Mar 27, 2013

    This guy followed the "bastage that cut him off" and got out of his car (leaving his family) to initiate the altercation. He well deserved the a-whipping he got. Had the production of the weapon been all that happend, there would be no issues, other than that dude's black eye. As it was, he figured he could "defend himself" shooting at the truck those traffic scofflaws were in. More guns = better outcomes. Lather rinse repeat. People are idots. Armed people are armed idots - generally speaking. I'm sure all here in this thread are way above average.

  • FragmentFour Mar 27, 2013

    Interesting. So were any charges filed against the two men who did the beating prior to being faced with a weapon?

  • HANS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! JK Mar 27, 2013

    I'm not sure why the wife was charged. Her producing of a firearm stopped the altercation. It probably wasn't wise of her to give her husband the weapon though.

    Ummmm......her producing the gun turned simple afray into shots fired. Not sure where your lack of clarity stems from

  • NotAgain Mar 26, 2013

    "Did they keep hitting the brakes? Deliberately slow to a crawl? Treat him to some sign language? All of the above?-Terkel

    Dude, does anything like that really matter? For sure you know that tapping brakes and yelling and shooting the bird do not justify physical contact. Surely you know this. Surely.

  • Terkel Mar 26, 2013

    From all appearances it seems the older guy was wrong. But we don't know what else the punks may have done. Did they keep hitting the brakes? Deliberately slow to a crawl? Treat him to some sign language? All of the above? Kind of funny to read the illiterate comments of their friends and the usual assortment of "these r good boys, he's my cousin's mother's wife's son's stepkid" routines. Oh, and Thing One, who let's remember started ALL this, chimes in to curse and belittle other commenters. A clearer picture emerges, as it always does with little punks who have big mouths.

  • Lightfoot3 Mar 26, 2013

    “I heard one shot and gun was pointed at the ground.” – methinks

    It seems he accidentally fired as he racked the slide.

    “Where is the video of him shooting the vehicle?.... They say he came back.” – methinks

    That’s their story, though you would think they’d have video of that too. Hopefully they’ll recover some bullets to verify it’s from his gun. I would think it strange that he would return, but I can’t discount it given we see him start this particular altercation. Of course we don’t know what they might have done to him previously to enrage him. Don’t seem to have video of that either, even though he supposedly terrorized them for miles and miles. Do I smell fish?

  • Lightfoot3 Mar 26, 2013

    “The local station in New Bern stated that that was one of the reasons the two people backed off from the fight was because they saw the man's kids crying in the back of the car and it freaked them out.” - Bill Brasky

    One of the dudes told the local news that people watching the video only get to see the “fun part” of them beating the dude up. He said he only stopped kicking because of seeing the kid. If not for the kid, I guess we’re to assume he would have kicked the guy to death.

    “They retreated once Mr. Turner was on the ground. After they retreated, she than hands Mr. Turner the gun.” - Bill Brasky

    Actually, while they were no longer throwing punches and kicking, because they had slammed him to the ground, they had not retreated. One dude is out of frame when the lady comes around with the gun, the other dude is not. But as soon as he sees her with the gun, he’s gone.

  • methinks Mar 26, 2013

    Ok, now I am really confused. I have watched the video of him "shooting" and I heard one shot and gun was pointed at the ground. Where is the video of him shooting the vehicle? The video I just watched on wcti12 shows the truck with holes and busted windows. That was not in the video of the altercation. Nor was there any video of Turner breaking their arms. They say he came back. Did he? Really? Not sure what to believe. Kind of suspect when you have a 26 second video and nothing else.

  • methinks Mar 26, 2013

    just watched the youtube video and it has sound. You can clearly hear Turner ask the driver about running him off the road (using some foul language) but the driver's response is muffled (not sure why) and there was only about a second from the first punch that both boys were all over him. Not only did they punch and kick him, but he was slammed head first into his SUV. Now I am wondering even more where the rest of the video is. If the initial road incident was 40 minutes or 25 miles down the road, when did the taping start? There is way more to this story than what WRAL is reporting.