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Kroger stops doubling coupons at another division

Posted May 3, 2014

Kroger newspaper ad

Another division of Kroger stores will stop doubling coupons as of May 14. Michigan couponers will be sad to know that they are next on the double coupon chopping block. Although this does not affect us directly here in North Carolina, it does give us something to think about as the Kroger pattern of ending double coupons continues. As most of you know, Kroger owns Harris Teeter as of January 2014.

According to an article from, Kroger stores in Central Tennessee will be the last man standing when it comes to Kroger double coupons, once the Michigan stores stop offering the promotion in mid-May.  In addition to the Kroger Central Tennessee Division, Kroger-owned Harris Teeter, Fry’s and King Soopers also double coupons.  Shoppers at these stores are watching the systematic elimination of double coupons by Kroger very closely.  Here in North Carolina, Harris Teeter coupon shoppers have been concerned since the first day Kroger announced that they were acquiring Harris Teeter. Although no painful changes have been made to the coupon policy yet, we shall see what happens in the future. 

So please share this with all the Michigan shoppers you know and keep your fingers crossed that the Kroger elimination division will not march down to the Harris Teeter home office and strike down double coupons there as well.


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  • needserenitytowin May 4, 2014

    I personally do not miss the double coupons at Kroger .
    With the lower prices on many items, the sales , the digital coupons and the customized coupons they mail every few weeks, I am saving more than ever and shopping there more often.
    I have always been careful about my spending .
    When we first started out, I did jump on the "only buy with coupon train" which led to some medical emergencies and bad eating habits
    ( DH came home from work early one day covered in blisters apparently from a cheaper detergent - after doctor visits and medicines it has been original Tide only every since )
    The only Aldi's I have ever been in had more flies than customers the 3 times I went ,
    thankfully I am able to price match at Walmart .

  • bcde May 4, 2014

    realstory you really should try Trader Joe's. It is a lot like Whole Foods, but with MUCH cheaper prices!

  • privilegesrevoked May 3, 2014

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    There is room in my bubble for all who wish to join me :)

  • wral suks bauls May 3, 2014

    I really hope they don't stop the HT doubling. Kroger promised lower prices instead of doubling coupons - but I haven't saw that pan out. I shop at harris teeter a lot simply because of the doubling of coupons.

    I've never been to trader joes, I know there is one along with a whole foods right outside of Durham in Chapel Hill. I like getting produce at whole foods because they normally have great fresh produce and seafoods/meat, but the ridiculously high prices keep me from getting much more from WF

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper May 3, 2014

    privilegesrevoked - I like your bubble better than mine. lol :-)

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper May 3, 2014

    Nstutt - I am really looking forward to that Aldi opening as well!

    Karenmorris - I was just in Trader Joe's this afternoon. They had beautiful red peppers for .69 each!! It's the TJ's off the beltline and Wake Forest Rd.

  • nstutt May 3, 2014

    That Aldi that is opening in Garner later this year is looking more and more like the savior for these rumored policy changes. For those of us not near one now that is.

  • karenmorris17 May 3, 2014

    Hmmm...if they do, I'll simply shop at Trader Joe's and Aldi's. I love Trader Joe's. All I need is another excuse to go there more often!

  • privilegesrevoked May 3, 2014

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    I'm going to fill that bubble right back up again Faye :) I just HATE the thought, I guess I refuse to let it occupy space in my head LOL If it happens, it happens. I'll deal with it if it does.

  • Dukefan1 May 3, 2014

    I think they would be making a huge mistake if they do stop doubling at HT. I travel quite a way to double coupons at HT. I would not go to HT if they stop.