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Knightdale police: Woman injured in I-540 wreck

Posted September 19, 2012
Updated September 20, 2012

— A woman was taken to WakeMed early Wednesday after she crashed her car down a median embankment off Interstate 540 near Old Milburnie Road, Knightdale police said. 

Authorities responded to a call about a single-vehicle wreck around 5:30 a.m. and found the car in the shallow ravine between the westbound and eastbound lanes. 

Curtissia Love, 20, lost control of her car and wrecked after trying to reach for something in the floorboard of her car, police said. She suffered some cuts and bruises.

Despite the wreck, she was able to call 911 and ask for assistance. Love was being treated for non-life threatening injuries at WakeMed, police said. 

"I was in a car accident. I flipped over the freeway," Love told a 911 dispatcher. "My car fell in between the gap, I'm below the freeway right now."

Officers shut down the westbound lanes of I-540 for about 30 minutes immediately after the wreck, and crews were on scene throughout much of the morning commute. 

Police said alcohol and drugs are not believed to be a factor in the wreck.


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  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Sep 20, 2012

    THis woman is lucky. Too many times latley we have read headlines concerning our young people not walking away from accidents. I'm glad she is okay.

  • OGE Sep 20, 2012

    So glad there are sooo many on here who have NEVER done something similar! SMH!

  • goner Sep 20, 2012

    The not-so-smart-people were out in force on the roads this week so far. Yesterday seemed to be an unusually high rate of not-so-smart-people spotting on the roads. One of them was even a Raleigh cop. Imagine that.

  • sczarnecki Sep 20, 2012

    Must have been some thing really important on that floor board that could not have waited for.You will thing twice before you do that again.

  • Scubagirl Sep 20, 2012

    After finally seeing the pics last night I'm more than surprised she was not hurt much worse.

  • erinaaronsbaby Sep 19, 2012

    You know, while what she did was dangerous and wound up causing more harm than good, I find it incredibly difficult to believe that so many other people out there haven't been guilty of doing the same thing at one point or another. Why can't we all just be glad she wasn't more seriously injured, and that no one else was hurt instead of criticizing a poor decision on her part....Geez, folks...have a heart. No one is perfect.

  • AtALost Sep 19, 2012

    So glad no one else was injured.

  • RustyDawg Sep 19, 2012

    She said that she was reaching for something on the floor. has anyone checked her phone? Texting and driving has become an ever increasing problem. Just saying.

  • RomneyRyan2012 Sep 19, 2012

    It was closed longer than 30 mins...I sat in traffic from 8-8:30 and it happened long before that.

  • Just Plain Common Sense Sep 19, 2012

    Bottom line: keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. If you drop something? Wait til the next exit and pull to a safe place, then get it. If it is a drink or food, it is ruined anyway, if a phone, it can wait, if makeup should not be doing that and driving. Would have been better to late for work than all the costs this will entail. Glad she was not hurt worse and did not hit other unsuspecting motorists.