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Knightdale man charged with abusing infant

Posted April 23, 2013

— A Knightdale man is facing child abuse charges after, police say, his 9-week-old child suffered multiple bone fractures.

The baby had injuries to its leg, arm and chest, which police said were caused by an assault or neglect.

Michael Bridges Jr., 26, of 107 Sills Ave., faces two counts of child abuse inflicting serious injury. 

The child is recovering and is expected to be OK, police said.


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  • dirkdiggler Apr 24, 2013

    ya know, i'm usually the one screaming 'guilty!', but in this particular instance, i can't. stuff happens. neglect can happen accidentally. i didnt say the baby had an accident. i said whatever happened to the baby could have been an accident, due to neglect, and neglect does not equate to intent. people do stupid things. people could prevent a lot of things had they used a little forward thinking. just because this baby was injured on this guy's watch doesn't mean he brutally assaulted the child. he could have just as easily put the baby in a bouncy seat on the counter and whoops, kid and seat go to the floor. there are a whole host of reasons this child could have sustained these injuries which don't involve the father willingly causing it to happen. god forbid any of you should experience an accident due to your own lack of intuition or common sense...

  • Sweetgrl3 Apr 24, 2013

    mom2threecld - Agreed

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 24, 2013

    She fell down the stairs after an owl flew into the house and scared her, but the blood expert lied, so the guy should go free.

  • OneLove Apr 24, 2013

    "Use some common sense here." -*sigh* Common sense is rare these days

  • muer7osunavez Apr 24, 2013

    In my opinion. A man that can neglect/abuse his own 9 week old child does not possess what is necessary to be a productive member in society. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  • SportsLover75 Apr 24, 2013

    sunshine1040 I agree with you 100%--- this story say 9 WEEKS not 9 MONTHS people. Babies are not mobile at 9 weeks of age.

  • sunshine1040 Apr 23, 2013

    We are talking about a 9 week old child. The child did not roll out of a crib or fall while trying to climb or trying to walk. Yes accidents do happen but this was no accident.

  • dirkdiggler Apr 23, 2013

    "If he cared so much then the baby would not have had injuries to its leg, arm and chest." Sweetgrl"

    Yes, because accidents never happen to parents who love their children. Plenty of people love their children and have no common sense in regards to raising them. Just because someone lacks the common sense to keep a child out of harms way (neglect) does not mean they love the child any less. Do you know these people personally? Why are you on such a tirade to smear their reputation?

  • EnoughWhiningAlready Apr 23, 2013

    What a piece of filth

  • Sweetgrl3 Apr 23, 2013

    If he cared so much then the baby would not have had injuries to its leg, arm and chest.