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Knightdale Bypass reopened after tanker overturns

Posted June 6, 2011

— An overturned tractor-trailer closed eastbound lanes of U.S. Highway 64 Bypass near Knightdale for almost five hours Monday.

The Highway Patrol said the tanker loaded with raw sewage came down the entrance ramp from Hodge Road at an excessive speed at about 11:45 a.m. and flipped on its side.

Driver William O. Wilson, 48, of 850 Faines Road, was charged with exceeding a safe speed. He wasn't injured in the wreck.

Authorities said about 90 percent of the sewage remained inside the tanker, and the amount that spilled onto the highway didn't get to any nearby streams.

Eastbound traffic was diverted onto Hodge Road and was backed up for more than a mile after the wreck. The highway reopened at about 4:30 p.m.


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  • tayled Jun 6, 2011

    I have lobbied the legislature for years now and this is a good time to mention it again. We need to charge these people who carelessly cause these accidents a severe impact fee over and above what they will pay in insurance and the like. Emergency personnel, and often the DOT have to get involved with these things and they do not work for free. They should be harge impact fees to defray the costs of emergency workers and the DOt when reconstruction has tot take place at the wreck site.

  • dirkdiggler Jun 6, 2011

    becky, i just drove by about half an hour ago and the highway on the eastbound side was still closed.

  • voice your opinion Jun 6, 2011

    rescuefan, thanks for the support.

  • Dartman1955 Jun 6, 2011

    Haulin' the daily load from the NC legislature building.

  • backhome Jun 6, 2011

    as we approach the 5:00 rush, does anyone know if the road is clear or if it's still blocked? would like to plan accordingly. thanks!

  • housemanagercary Jun 6, 2011

    how about a map!!

  • sundown6074 Jun 6, 2011

    this is not a tractor trailer, he's carrying a tanker

    LOL Are you serious? It's a tractor trailer whether it's a box,flatbed or a tanker.

  • rescuefan Jun 6, 2011

    voice your opinion, don't pay attention to pooodaddy. There's always a couple of posters who come to stories like this an whine about state employees. Likely people who applied to work for the state and were turned down, so they carry a grudge.

    I hope everyone is okay!

  • voice your opinion Jun 6, 2011

    Pooodaddy, are you kiding? My husband just had to lay off two employees. Do you live in a bubble. The state is laying off a lot of people. So what's going to happen the next time a tanker falls over and there is no one to enforce clean-up? It will get into the ground water and streams. Lets see how well that works when you turn on your fauct to take a drink of water and sludge comes out. Your comment about not working hard is not even worth responding to because you don't know anything.

  • Glock23 Jun 6, 2011

    Heard it was a sewage truck.