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Kmart double coupon event this week!

Posted July 8, 2014



Kmart is offering a double coupon event this week and you can score some great deals including a number of freebies! Read on for a deals list. Please share any others you find.



Here are the policies for this event:

Kmart will double coupons with a face value of $2.00 or less (so $2 coupons double to $4)

You can only double up to 5 coupons per day. Coupons will only double up to the price of the product. There is no overage.

No minimum purchase required.

You must be a Shop Your Way Rewards member to participate. Triangle stores are participating. You may want to call your store outside the Triangle to confirm if they are participating.

This event is valid 7/6 - 7/12/14.

If you make it out to Kmart this week, let us know what good deals you found!


P&G coupon: Look for information in the store about a P&G promo - Spend $30 on select P&G products and receive a $10 coupon off your next purchase. Match the sales with the coupons from the 7/6 PG insert for some good buys.


Here are a few freebies and deals:

Bic disposable razors, 10 pack, starting at $3.79 - $2 coupon from 6/29 SS = Free!

Herbal Essence Body wash, 1.99, - 1.00 off printable coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link above = Free!

Right Guard Extreme Clear or Clinical Clear deodorant, 2 for $6 - $2/1 coupon from 6/15 RP = Free!

Wet n Wild nail polish and other products, .99 to $1.99 - $1/1 coupon from 6/29 RP = Free!

Bayer Low Dose chewable aspirin, $2.99 - $1.50/1 coupon from 5/4 SS = Free!

Febreeze Air Effects, $2.50 - $1 coupon from 7/6 PG = .50

Velveeta cheesy skillets, 2 for $5 - $1 coupon from 2/28 SS = .50

Tampac Radiant or Pearl tampons, $4.79 - $2/1 coupon from 7/6 PG = .79

Here are some deals that hydecoac1965 posted on the blog (thanks for the deals hydecoac1965!):

1.GAIN fling PODS 16 ct,used 2.00 PG coupon = 1.49
2. Tide PODS 16 Ct, used 2.00 PG coupon = 1.49
3. 12 pack 7 up, used 1.50 off coupon from coupons. com printable =  .33
4. 6 Pack Brawny 3.97, used 1.00 off coupon =  1.97
5.Herbal Essence Body wash 1.99, used 1.00 off printable = free


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  • slgdavis Jul 12, 2014

    I was extremely agitated today at KMart...I had 5 items and 5 coupons. The cashier told me she had to separate my 5 items into 2 transactions b/c the coupon stated "one coupon per product". I told her to separate it if that made it easier on her, but that it has never had to be separated before. I then was told that some of my coupons didn't have the "dots" under the expiration date and if they didn't have dots, they wouldn't work. I explained that the dots were printed off facebook and the others were printed off of coupons.com - which is why they didn't have "dots". Finally, one of my coupons had "Available at Walmart" on it and was told that they couldn't take it b/c it had the walmart symbol on it. I explained that it was only an advertisement for walmart - and since the coupon scanned, it obviously worked. Finally 20 minutes later with my 5 items I left the register. I called my coupon friends and said "DO NOT BOTHER SHOPPING AT KMART - NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE!"

  • mclemoreae Jul 10, 2014

    Well, as promised I went back and tried shopping the doubles event at the Sanford Big K today, and although they were picked over, and I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked, I still managed to get a couple deals and hopefully plan for attack one more time this week. I noticed, not sure if this was mentioned, but there is a Firefly Angry Birds electric toothbrush for $2.99, pair that with the $1/1 coupon, it makes it $.99 for an electric kids toothbrush! Here is my shopping trip from this morning. I was focused on freebies....
    Lancaster Soft Cremes, Bayer Chewable Asprin, Bic Sensitive Skin Razors, and Gillette Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream total: $7.95, total after coupons = $.45 just paid tax. I may try to go back tomorrow. I may go back again tomorrow. I had absolutely no problems, all of my coupons scanned correctly, they doubled correctly and everyone was nice. So different than any Kmarts I have been to in the past few years.

  • aej1016 Jul 10, 2014

    I made a trip to Kmart (on Western Blvd) last night to check out the deals for this double coupon event. Normally I would not shop at Kmart because it is out of the way and the prices and selection are not that great. Anyway, I gave it a shot and it was way more trouble that it was worth. Heads up to anyone else shopping at the Western Blvd Kmart they are a non-ad store meaning if you see specific deals online, you have to print them out, or have some physical proof of the ad/deal with you at the time of purchase. I had the same problem some other shopper mentioned about trouble with the coupons scanning. When the cashier was having trouble, I noticed the line growing behind me because it was the only open lane and asked her to cancel the transaction to which she replied "I can't." Long story short, it was a big hassle for a not so great deal. I was disappointed and I think I will just stick to my Harris Teeters super doubles instead. Thanks for sharing this event though!

  • cjnes199642 Jul 10, 2014

    I went to Kmart today to see if could get any of the specials. I got in line with coupons and everything was going fine until the cashier tried to scan my printable coupons. None would scan. There was nothing wrong with the ink I had used some earlier that day. I told the cashier to cancel the order and I got my coupons back. I remembered then why I do not shop at Kmart.

  • phyllis3066 Jul 9, 2014

    Faye I don't know if the coupons were with the old or new bar codes I used them at Wal-Mart and they scanned fine, I did print them from coupons.com, I called kmart corporate today and a manager from the Goldsboro store is suppose to call me, I told him kmart lost around $50.00 worth of business to walmart because of my problems there, he apologized and told me someone should call me within a couple of days.

  • vlynn Jul 9, 2014

    Got a good deal at K-Mart with super doubles and a shopyourway rewards coupon that they e-mailed me, but I definitely had to work for it! The e-mailed coupon was for $10 in points after your next purchase. I printed it out and took it to the store with me. I had one of the $1.50/2 eccotools coupons that a lot of people used at HT. They had scrubbers for $1.79 and I got 2. The coupon did not double, so a manager had to figure out what to do to make it work. Then when they scanned the $10 in points coupon, it didn't work either. I had to get them to call the shopyourway rewards hotline right then to get it fixed. I didn't plan to leave without my points :-) After a long phone call, I finally got my points! Whoo hoo!! Sometimes, you have to really work for a deal.

  • meredith88 Jul 9, 2014

    There aren't any Kmarts near me anymore since many of them are closing. The closest ones to me are now 20 minutes in either opposite direction so I'll just continue to enjoy my spoils from the last HT doubles :)

  • cjnes199642 Jul 9, 2014

    I don't shop at Kmart much but I will give it a try to see if my coupons double. If not, at least I tried. I will give them the benefit of doubt.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jul 8, 2014

    phyllis3066 - that is awful! I am so sorry you had such a bad experience. As you can see from the comments, you are not the only one who has had a less than great experience with this promotion.

    Do you happen to know if your printable coupons that would not scan have both the old and new bar codes or only the new long bar code? The coupons were valid if you printed them from the Smart Shopper coupons link (which is coupons.com). If you were using an inkjet printer on low quality that could keep them from scanning correctly. It could also be that the Kmart scanners are not correctly programmed to read the new barcodes,

    Has anyone here on the blog had a successful Kmart doubles experience yet?

  • phyllis3066 Jul 8, 2014

    I went to kmart in Goldsboro today, tried to double my five coupons, two scanned fine, the other three would not scan, cashier called for help on the telephone whoever she called told her if the coupons won't scan they will not accept them, they were all printable coupons I had printed on smart shopper printable coupons, totally frustrated I got my coupons back even the ones that scanned and left the store didn't purchased anything left everything in the shopping cart, I don't plan on going back to kmart, just not worth it.