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Kindergartner inappropriately touched on Wake County school bus

Posted December 19, 2011
Updated December 20, 2011

School Bus

— The Wake County Public School System said Monday that it's investigating a case of inappropriate sexual contact on a school bus last month.

An 8-year-old child allegedly touched a kindergarten student inappropriately on Nov. 28, said Wake schools spokesman Greg Thomas. Both children are students at Partnership Elementary School in Raleigh.

The same 8-year-old may have been involved in a similar case of inappropriate contact that day with a different student, but school leaders were not notified until Dec. 5.

Disciplinary action was taken against the 8-year-old, Thomas said, but he declined to comment further.

Thomas said the school system is still investigating both incidents.

No other details were released.


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  • sowhat Dec 21, 2011

    I am not only disgusted by things like this that are going on behind closed doors, but also with DSS and other agencies who are supposed to protect children, but many times do nothing. I know of a child who watches porn with his live-in uncle and the child has acted out sexual behaviors with other children. Even though the child admits what is happening, the parents deny what is going on and DSS has done nothing but turn a blind eye. Then in other cases, a 5 year old boy kisses a little girl on the cheek and everyone screams "sexual harrassment!" This world is absolutely nuts.

  • eoglane Dec 20, 2011

    In responce to SOWHAT, mommies and daddies are teaching that behavior. These children are probably getting that type attention from someone their parents know or maybe the parents are abusing the children.

  • Coretta Scott Thing Dec 20, 2011

    These comments sound just like the hate-filled mob mentality of the Little Rascals Daycare scandal years ago. Nothing was going on then ( other than parents screaming for blood) and not much happened on the bus ( other than kids being kids).

  • cary2 Dec 20, 2011

    As reported by WRAL, this shouldnt even be news.

  • snowmentality Dec 20, 2011

    I guess my first comment wasn't clear. This was NOT a case of normal curiosity and it was NOT a case of "playing doctor." Those things happen, they are relatively normal, and do not necessarily mean any abuse is happening. If that was what had happened, I'd say sure, all that's needed is to remind the child that private parts are private.

    But that's not what happened. Apparently, an 8-9 year old child acted out oral sex on a 6-year-old child. That is not normal childhood behavior. That is a red flag that someone at home is either performing oral sex on the 8-9 year old, or forcing them to perform oral sex, or at the very least showing them pornography. Otherwise the 8-9 year old would not know about that behavior. All of those things are sexual abuse.

    The 8-9 year old needs help -- but also needs to be prevented from abusing any other children in the meantime.

  • sowhat Dec 20, 2011

    If a child is touching other children inappropriately, it is likely that something inappropriate is going on in the home of that child. Maybe this child is being sexually abused or is seeing sexually inappropriate things at home. So there may actually be 2 victims here.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Dec 20, 2011

    Nancy, LMAO! That was a good one!


  • Nancy Dec 20, 2011

    "If you think parents can do a lot to discover and control that behavior, you're in fantasy land."

    They didn't need to discover it in November when their son was suspended from riding the bus for 3 days for the first event of his behavior - someone else brought it to their attention.

    So, what did they do/not do about it?

  • Nancy Dec 20, 2011

    "The fact that some people rush to condemn natural childhood sexuality through some sort of misguided moral superiority that flies in the face of decades of scientific information that proves that children act out sexually naturally... really troubles me madame." - monca

    Then it wouldn't upset you if you had a daughter, age 5 or 6, have a 9 year old boy pull down her pants on the bus and put his mouth on her private parts?

    What does that make you?

  • carolinaprincess62 Dec 20, 2011

    That is NOT sexual or inappropriate "touch"...that is sexual ASSAULT and if he learned that at home, he should be removed from the home as well as any other children and get extensive therapy.