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Kianey Carter: My pediatrician is my homeboy, my new best friend

Posted June 23, 2014

Kianey Carter, WRAL-TV morning news producer, Go Ask Mom blogger

When I was pregnant, everyone kept making a big deal about picking a pediatrician. Honestly, I didn’t understand why.

As a kid, I had a pediatrician. I don’t have any memories of him, but I know I had one. And as an adult, I have never had a regular doctor I could go to whenever something came up.

This whole idea that I would need to do a lot of research, interview and ultimately choose the best doctor for my little guy was a little foreign to me and seemed to be blown out of proportion.

How much of an impact would a pediatrician have? Why was it so important that I liked him and the practice? I couldn’t really wrap my mind around it until about a month before my son was born. Sometime during those last few weeks, I got serious about finding a doctor.

One of the best pieces of advice anyone ever gave me was to make sure our pediatrician’s office wasn’t too far away from our home. I am so glad I listened. Not only do I love our pediatrician and the practice but the office is less than two minutes from our house! Score!!

What no one told me was exactly how many times I would make that two minute drive to the office. My son is nine months old and we’ve seen our pediatrician or someone else in the practice a dozen times.

Just this month, we’ve been once a week. While nothing has been terribly serious and my son is a happy and healthy little guy, taking all those trips to the office can be taxing. You feel helpless as a parent because you don’t know what’s wrong and are not able to help your child feel better.

I’ve made countless phone calls to the nurse’s line to get questions about a rash or fever or runny nose. Nothing prepares you for that portion of parenthood. Not being able to help.

Every time I have gone into my doctor’s office. I’ve been given an answer and told what I can do to make my child feel better. My doctor has never made me feel silly for asking a ton of questions, including citing things I read on the internet which many times have proved to be so false or made me feel like I was not doing a good job as a parent.

We truly have a great relationship with our doctor and the practice.

As many of my friends and co-workers get ready to have their own kids, I have one piece of advice: Audition pediatricians and pick the one that makes you feel comfortable. You’ll be seeing A LOT of them.

Kianey is the mom of one and a WRAL-TV morning news producer. She writes monthly for Go Ask Mom.


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  • kastagg Jun 24, 2014

    I am a first time mom and picking our pediatrician was a big deal. I have really fond memories of my pediatrician and know the importance of that safe relationship for the child and parent.

  • glarg Jun 24, 2014


  • mbsheisey Jun 24, 2014

    I was fortunate enough to be the patient of the most beloved pediatrician in Wilson - Dr. Ed Thorne. I probably went to him when you start going to a pediatrician - my Mama was also a nurse so she knew who to go to - until I was 16 years old - and I wasn't happy at having to choose a new doctor. My Mama told me that he had given some of his patients their birth control pills so some of his patients did go to him when they were older than I was. He had 6 or 7 of his own children. My Mama also told me that when he got home and sat down in his chair, his wife would put the current baby and bottle in the crook of his arm and he would soon go to sleep. I imagine that would be screamed about nowadays by the baby safety watch people. But I also imagine his wife kept her eye on him. He passed several years ago, but he is still having things done in his honor in Wilson!

  • ncveteranswife Jun 24, 2014

    COVERBY: Here is Webster's definition of "homeboy":

    home·boy: a boy or man from your own neighborhood or hometown

    : a member of your gang
    : a boy or man from one's neighborhood, hometown, or region
    : a fellow member of a youth gang
    : an inner-city youth

  • ncveteranswife Jun 24, 2014

    COVERBY: Thanks for your opinion. Everyone has one!

  • coverby Jun 24, 2014

    View quoted thread

    Honestly, this comment seems very rude, and I find it offensive. Please re-read your post. Your sentence doesn't make sense. I find it odd that you would critique someone's education and language skills with a post that has such poor grammar. Why wouldn't the word 'homeboy' be used? This isn't a news story - it's an opinion piece. The word homeboy has been in use for over 100 years and is defined in Webster's dictionary. It means someone is your close friend, and from your neighborhood. That's what the article is about. Her pediatrician is in her neighborhood and is a trusted friend. Of course WRAL hires educated news producers. This author has a degree from a university that Forbes ranks in the top third in the nation.

  • ncveteranswife Jun 24, 2014

    You would think with WRAL hiring "educated" news producers that this one chose to use the word "homeboy" and it was actually printed!