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Kianey Carter: Let's talk tantrums

Posted February 24, 2015

Kianey Carter, WRAL-TV morning news producer, Go Ask Mom blogger

Let's talk tantrums. I mean, really talk tantrums. 

I've heard about the terrible twos and know tantrums are a part of this stage, but my son is 17 months. Why are tantrums starting this early?!?! I'm not just talking about crying. These are throw myself on the floor and scream/cry tantrums. I've been lucky enough to not have them occur in public. My house? That's a whole other story. 

The worst part about it is that my son doesn't talk so I can't even figure out what the tantrums are about most of the time. Some tantrums are because I took something away. But really kid? You're not going to play with our ice scraper.

Other times I know it's because he wants something, but I can't figure out what it is. It is so frustrating! I try water. No. I try toys. No. I try food. No. He pushes my hand away, continues screaming and then proceeds to throw himself on the floor, face first and wail.

I've captured some of this on video or on FaceTime with my family. My mother laughs because of the dramatics. I laugh sometimes too. Mostly, I want to pull my hair out. 

What's a mother to do? I am pretty fond of my hair so pulling it out is not an option. I've tried baby sign language. He's learning more words at daycare so hopefully soon he can communicate his needs better.

Is this something I've just got to ride out? Are the tantrums going to get worse? If so, I better stock up on wine and Rogaine.  

Kianey is the mom of one and a WRAL-TV morning news producer. She writes monthly for Go Ask Mom.


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