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Kianey Carter: Grow up! Wait, I wasn't serious ...

Posted April 22, 2014

Kianey Carter, WRAL-TV morning news producer, Go Ask Mom blogger

Editor's Note: I'm excited to introduce Kianey Carter, who welcomed her first child a few months ago, to our roster of bloggers. She'll write monthly starting today!

My son is six months old and I love this stage of his life. He is so curious and wants to get into everything. He laughs at my silly jokes and faces, but still snuggles into my chest when he needs comforting.

As happy as I am about this stage of development, I want more! Our son is on the verge of crawling and I cannot wait for him to take those first crawls and steps. Last week, our pediatrician finally gave the thumbs up for my husband and I to start solid foods.

I was pumped! I went out and bought bowls and spoons and read everything online I could find about making your own baby food. My husband, on the other hand, was not. He just kept asking me, why I was so excited to give him solid foods. All I could think about were the possibilities and how independent he was becoming.

Our first foray into solids went wonderful. This little guy can eat and couldn’t get enough of his oatmeal. As first time parents, we videotaped the whole thing and sent it to our parents and sisters. I was so happy and proud. After that first bowl of oatmeal, I was already planning our next culinary explorations – peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, the possibilities are endless!

But then, the other shoe dropped. As I sat down in the rocking chair to nurse my growing baby boy, he refused. I thought he was just tired so I tried again. Again, he refused but this time the refusal was followed by screams and cries.

The back and forth continued for 10 minutes. I called out for my husband. He brought up a bottle and as he fed our son, I went into our bedroom to reflect. I was sad and mad. I had been waiting for this day for weeks and instead of it being the exciting experience I thought it would be, I was sad. All I could think was “he doesn’t need me anymore.”

Over the next few days, I tried to nurse, but my son wanted nothing to do with nursing. He wanted the immediate satisfaction of a bottle and I gave it to him. I already miss the closeness of nursing my son throughout the day. Especially those afternoon sessions as the sun hits his sweet face giving him a shot of warmth and light.

For all you other moms, is this just the beginning? Will I have more moments where I can’t wait for the new experiences in my son’s life but long for the way it used to be?

Kianey is the mom of one and a WRAL-TV morning news producer. 


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  • catevnz Apr 23, 2014

    My youngest turns 18 tomorrow. As much as I don't miss the screaming fits of toddlerdom, or the homework meltdowns of elementary school, or the testosterone overload of middle school-there is so much from each of those stages I do miss and will continue to miss. On the other hand, he has grown into a fine young man and I am look forward to watching him continue to grow fully into adulthood. But I'm in the bleachers now, and that is bittersweet.

  • justbcauz Apr 23, 2014

    The first of many steps toward independence. Like you, I relished each new step with my first, ready for the next (solids, walking, talking, etc), but with my third, I want time to slow down because I know just how quickly it goes by and you can never get those moments back again. Enjoy the present.

  • sunshine1040 Apr 23, 2014

    After 6 months the kid was hungry and wanted real food was probably scared you would put him back on that liquid diet again and was trying to protest the only way he could. My kids all got hungry for real food before the age of 6 months and I needed sleep

  • jallen1127 Apr 23, 2014

    Good post. We have been through some of the same things! Don't give up on nursing though - I've found the nursing strikes are just a phase. Try nursing before offering solids also. Good luck!

  • oneluv1 Apr 23, 2014

    I can hear the joy in your written words all the way over here in Az. Enjoy every day, every minute because before you know it you might be like me and my situation. I was at my 16 yr old son's high school baseball game & commented on how the other team has players on there that are so big that they look like grown men. Then it happened. During the game my son ended up on base & I realized that my son, my little baby boy, he is bigger than the grown looking men on the other team. When did this happen? It startles you, my baby is growing up. I have said this same sentence so many times over his past 16 years of life. Later on that same night after he washes his own uniform he calls for me, "Mom I'm going to bed" & he leans down from his 6'2" 185 lb little boy-man body & gently gives me a kiss on my cheek & says,"Goodnight Mom, love you". Then I know, that no matter how big your lil' Man is, he is and will always be his momma's little baby. Congratulations to the Carter Family

  • 4.13 Apr 23, 2014

    Welcome to WRAL!
    You will have many more moments just like this. Don't be dismayed. You will survive. You'll look back with fondness on all the good (and not so good) times.

  • nativeNCgrl Apr 23, 2014

    As the mom to an incredibly sweet 3 year old, I can say that my experience is similar at all the big moments. I feel extremely proud of his newest achievement, but in my heart of hearts I'm always a little sad to see the baby disappearing before my eyes. I have another on the way so I'll get another go at all the baby moments, but I wonder if I'll feel doubly sad when those baby moments pass because I don't plan on any more children.